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Newsstand: February 15, 2013

We wish you all the best on this holiday weekend—both tonight on Singles’ Night (the Friday between Valentine’s Day and Family Day), and tomorrow on All Swingers’ Eve. In the news: bi-cycling bylaw, EMS staffing shortages, potential pay parking at GO stations, and high school teachers want a guarantee.


If Councillor Karen Stintz (Ward 16, Eglinton-Lawrence) has her way, a bylaw, originally passed by Etobicoke and then amalgamated across the City that prohibits non-single-file cycling, will be lifted. As she points out, the Highway Traffic Act already tells cyclists to “reasonably position themselves on the right” when another vehicle is coming to pass and because the practice really is not unsafe. Lifting the City bylaw on riding two bicycles side-by-side will finally set the legal groundwork for terribly romantic cheesy, slow-motion vignettes of couples holding hands as they pedal, and we’re okay with that.

More than three hours after an ambulance was initially called for an 87-year-old woman on December 30 of last year, it arrived. By that point she had passed away and seven ambulances had been diverted to cases that appeared more pressing. Now, the incident is under review, but in the eyes of some close to the Toronto Emergency Medical Services, staffing shortages continue to be the issue.

Everyone that takes GO Transit and drives the first leg of their journey will probably make a sour face at this notion, but Metrolinx is thinking about considering how they might make a couple of extra dollars off of the cars that sit in their lots all day. The TTC raises about $10 million a year this way, so it could be a good way to both improve infrastructure while simultaneously pissing off a bunch of people. It’s your classic win-lose situation. Perhaps a road toll would be a better option?

Looking to get extracurricular activities into school gyms, music rooms, and theatre spaces, the head of the Ontario Secondary School Teacher’s Federation, Ken Coran, says that a guarantee that teachers will be able to negotiate their own contracts is the first step towards a return to status quo in high schools. The OSSTF met with Premier Kathleen Wynne yesterday, probably in hopes of planning a Valentine’s dance, which sadly did not happen.


  • vampchick21

    While I totally understand the need for money to expand the system, improve things, etc on the GO Lines, I still think that at a time when we are trying hard to reduce gridlock by getting people onto public transportation, making them pay to park isn’t the brightest of ideas. That will push more OFF the GO lines rather than on.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      It might encourage them to take local transit to the GO station though.

      • vampchick21

        True that. But lets face it, in this burg, that’s not likely. They’ll cry War on the Car! and call Rob Ford.

        • tyrannosaurus_rek

          But free parking is gravy!

        • dsmithhfx

          Rob Ford doesn’t use the GO train, and he doesn’t pay for his parking. So what’s the problem?

          • vampchick21

            Ummmm….did you really miss the joke there?

          • dsmithhfx


          • vampchick21


  • OgtheDIm

    GO’s pride and joy, lacking the ability and resources and will to do anything more, is in creating massive parking lots.

    They consider it progress on reducing congestion.

    • dsmithhfx

      One day they will sell those parking lots for condo development, and use the proceeds to build more transit cut their budget.