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Your Superhero and Supervillain of 2012

The people have spoken and the votes are in! Here is who you picked as the very best and very worst of Toronto this year.

For two weeks every December, Torontoist recaps the year that’s winding down by nominating the best Heroes and worst Villains among all people, places, things, and ideas which had an influence on the city in the preceeding 12 months. And then, it’s up to you.

Here is who you, Torontoist readers, have deemed Superhero and Supervillain of 2012…


WINNER: Fiona Crean

RUNNER-UP: Astral Media Info Pillar Hackers

VOTING NOTES: Crean was the leader right from the outset—she started with 44 per cent of the vote—but it took three ballots to get her a clear majority. On that third ballot Crean landed 63 per cent of the vote.


WINNER: Rob Ford

RUNNER-UP: Bike lane fiascos

VOTING NOTES: A slam-dunk for our mayor: he won on the first ballot with 70 per cent of the vote. Though bike lane fiascos came in second, with 11 per cent, effectively they were in a cluster with the other Villain finalists: CBC funding cuts and Sue-Ann Levy. Those three were all within a couple of points of each other.


  • The Nexus

    Hold on.. let me get in here before someone else does.. *ahem*…. Isn’t it typical of the left wing media to come out swinging against a decent, hard working, man of the people.. It’s sad that you lot don’t realize how good you have it under Rob Ford. He’s just doing what he said he would do and all you people can do is whine and complain. Boy, you guys sure don’t get it. *sticks head back into sand* :)

    • Ken Greig

      I didn’t think it was the media who voted in this poll, it was the average Torontonian. Why are you blaming the left wing media for the “People’s Choice”.

      • Drake Smith

        i think he was being ironic…

        • CaligulaJones

          Have you overdosed on obvious before?

  • CaligulaJones

    Why did I even stop to read this? As sure as there will be another story on the TV news tonight abut a monkey…

    • Drake Smith

      Hey CJ, the idiot store called – they’re all out of you!

      • CaligulaJones

        Hey BS, the second grade called, they stopped using this one in the 40s.

        • Anonymous

          grow up

          • CaligulaJones

            He started it.

          • Drake Smith

            wow, sorry the holidays are getting you down. Unless you’re like this all the time – if that is true then you have a nice head start for supervillain 2013.

          • Anonymous

            That’s a childish response. Both of you, go to your rooms

        • Anonymous

          George Costanza brought it back.

  • future

    First we had the genuine Ford supporters, then the satirical Ford supporters. Now if the genuine Ford supporters could satirize the satirical Ford supporters, we’ll have come full circle just in time for the Mayan apocalypse, which I satirically believe in. However, it would mean ironically-nested faux-HTML.

  • Colin Kelly

    Ford wins again in a landslide…ther will be your peoples poll…

  • Colin Kelly

    Ford wins again in a landslide…there is your peoples poll..

  • Richard Harrop

    Shouldn’t t it read slam drunk?