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Toronto Makes the Opening Shot of Pacific Rim‘s First Trailer

The big-budget sci-fi movie, directed by Guillermo del Toro, was shot here. And you can tell.

Remember when Guillermo del Toro had the area behind City Hall decorated to look like Tokyo so he could film part of his giant-robots-versus-aliens movie, Pacific Rim, there?

Now, at last, we can see the outcome of that whole exercise, because the first official trailer for the film is out. It’s embedded above.

Toronto appears just for a brief moment at the very beginning. Watch carefully and you’ll see what appears to be a decimated Japanese city street with some fighter jets flying over it, guns blazing. It’s actually Elizabeth Street…with some fighter jets flying over it, guns blazing. (They are, obviously, computer generated.)

Here’s what the street looks like when it’s not all dressed up:

The movie—which is scheduled for a summer 2013 release—will hopefully fare better than the last big sci-fi movie shot here, the Total Recall remake, which was a flop with critics.

But Total Recall didn’t have giant robots. So maybe that was its problem.