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Sue-Ann Levy and Sunshine Girls to Disappear Behind a Toronto Sun Paywall Next Week

The Toronto Sun joins the rest of Toronto's daily papers, behind the great wall.

The Globe is reporting that Sun Media is instituting a metered paywall on December 4—one that will hide “all content created by Sun Media columnists, investigative reports by experienced journalists, complete access to all photo and video libraries, packaged/related content bundles, [and] Sunshine Girl swimsuit and calendar footage” from the freeloading public. The Toronto Sun will be affected, as will Sun papers in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton. This comes after massive layoffs by Sun Media’s parent company, Quebecor.

Times are tough, and the Sun is in good company here. The Star and the Post are both launching paywalls in the coming year, and the Globe has had its paywall up and running for about a month.

At an anticipated $5.99 per month, Sun+, as the new premium digital subscription will be known, will be a bargain compared to the Globe, which is charging $19.99. And the Globe doesn’t even publish pictures of scantily clad women or issue statements distancing itself from the opinions of its own columnists! Arguably, the Sun is more bang for your internet buck.

In any case, now’s when we find out how many people actually value the Sun, versus how many read it only when they find a crumpled copy on the floor of a Tim Hortons. It will be interesting to see Toronto’s love for its one right-leaning tabloid fully quantified in dollars.