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Sue-Ann Levy and Sunshine Girls to Disappear Behind a Toronto Sun Paywall Next Week

The Toronto Sun joins the rest of Toronto's daily papers, behind the great wall.

The Globe is reporting that Sun Media is instituting a metered paywall on December 4—one that will hide “all content created by Sun Media columnists, investigative reports by experienced journalists, complete access to all photo and video libraries, packaged/related content bundles, [and] Sunshine Girl swimsuit and calendar footage” from the freeloading public. The Toronto Sun will be affected, as will Sun papers in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton. This comes after massive layoffs by Sun Media’s parent company, Quebecor.

Times are tough, and the Sun is in good company here. The Star and the Post are both launching paywalls in the coming year, and the Globe has had its paywall up and running for about a month.

At an anticipated $5.99 per month, Sun+, as the new premium digital subscription will be known, will be a bargain compared to the Globe, which is charging $19.99. And the Globe doesn’t even publish pictures of scantily clad women or issue statements distancing itself from the opinions of its own columnists! Arguably, the Sun is more bang for your internet buck.

In any case, now’s when we find out how many people actually value the Sun, versus how many read it only when they find a crumpled copy on the floor of a Tim Hortons. It will be interesting to see Toronto’s love for its one right-leaning tabloid fully quantified in dollars.


  • Paul Kishimoto

    I guess I should abandon my apocalyptic prediction that right-leaning papers would continue to offer their material for free, in order to get a bigger mindshare for their editorial positions. It makes sense, in the end, that the ideology which worships the profit motive should defer to the profit motive itself.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we had a public broadcaster/news agency we could rely on when all these companies start charging for thei—OH WAIT, WE DO.

  • Sunshine Panic

    But how will we learn about model/hairstylist Janessa’s lifelong ambition to own a horse farm?

  • Anonymous

    Meh. If the Sun’s paywall is as sophisticated as the others then we’ll just continue viewing as usual, gratis.

    • Anonymous

      True enough.

  • OgtheDim

    Didn’t the Globe publish something a few weeks ago distancing itself from a certain columnist named Wente?

    • Anonymous

      Not nearly contrite enough.

  • Steve

    Sad. The point of a paywall is to first better your premium content, or have premium content to put behind a paywall. If the Sun papers think people will pay for pictures of girls in bathing suits that they can get for free anywhere else on the web, good luck to them. The parent company will quickly realize how much they internally over value their digital content. Media companies like this are hurting because advertisers aren’t spending money to advertise next to this so called premium content so now they want us to pay for it. Again, if you want us to pay for it then you better put some effort into developing worthwhile content, otherwise it’s a big inter web universe and people will just go elsewhere.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t understand. Only The Sun has girls wearing bathing suits. Everywhere else, they’re not wearing them.

  • Anonymous

    Sue Ann Levy should just disappear behind a wall in general-preferably in a mental institution!

    • Rob R.

      Agreed. I am constantly surprised that racist gasbag Sue Ann Levy draws a cheque despite her terrifying ignorance and almost laughable intolerance.

      • Anonymous

        as soon as I hear the word ‘racist’ I know the person making the comment is a hyper sensitive, cry baby liberal. Suck it up cupcake.

  • James D Paterson

    Oh no, a horrible tabloid behind a paywall that no one will pay for because normal people don’t read The Sun, which has no original content or any sort of actual journalistic integrity.

    Whatever will we do without this super important source of celebrities and… not much else?

  • Kontrolsphreak

    YEAH! That means Ezra Le Rant will be gone too!!!! Good riddance to you all! The Internets just got smarter.

  • SM99985

    I think the Toronto Sun made a big mistake putting in a paywall. Even though I am a conservative person, I think much of their content is not very good quality. For example, many of their “crime reporters” are not very good. They do make grammar and spelling mistakes. But the unacceptable thing many of them do is deliberately lie / mislead readers in their articles. They are either too lazy or they don’t have the education to do proper research. I wouldn’t pay to read their crap.