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Rob Ford Vows to Run Again if Necessary, Then Launches a Toy Drive

The mayor's first act after publicly addressing his historic ouster was to do a photo-op with a bunch of cute kids, surrounded by toys.

After speaking about being ousted from office this afternoon, Rob Ford launched a toy drive.

Following Rob Ford’s judicial ouster this morning, the reporters who’d lined up to receive paper copies of the decision (it was not available electronically—we had to put it online ourselves) made the short walk from the University Avenue courthouse to City Hall, to interview whomever they could. First lawyer Clayton Ruby and Paul Magder, the two people who brought the case against Ford, gave a press conference, but Ford was nowhere to be found. And then, about half an hour later, he showed up, and it was weird.

Ford spoke to the press twice this afternoon, both times during hurried scrums outside his office doors on the second floor of City Hall. Neither one lasted more than a couple minutes. The synopsis of the newsworthy bits is basically this: Ford says he will appeal the decision, and that he will run again for his seat if there’s a by-election. There is some question, though, as to whether he could legally run in a by-election under the terms of Judge Hackland’s decision. And we may not need a replacement mayor—at least, not immediately. Ford can apply for a stay that could keep him in office until the appeal is over. (Here’s a flow chart of all the different ways things could go from here.)

Here’s what Ford said during the second scrum:

Reporter: Mayor, are you gonna run in a by-election?

Ford: Coulda sworn I just did this…


Several reporters, simultaneously: Will you run in a by-election?

Ford: Absolutely. I’m gonna appeal it.

Cameraman: Down in front!

Ford: I’m not one to not run for the great citizens of the city. I fought for ‘em for two years—er, 12 years—and I’m gonna continue to fight for ‘em as long as they want me here. And the people are gonna speak. I’m not gonna have people say, “you can’t do this, you can’t do that.” I’m gonna fight for the taxpayers like I always have. I’m gonna thank them for their support. The calls are coming in fast and furious now, telling me to fight it, telling me to run again. People, uh, I want to thank ‘em very much. And I’ll never give up on the taxpayers of this city.

Reporter: What’s your message to Ford Nation?

Ford: Um, we’re ready to go. At the council…[inaudible because of camera shutter noise]…and there’s an appeal process. And I hope I win the appeal, and if I lose there’ll be a by-election. And I guarantee I’ll be the first one in there, and we’ll be out like we did two years ago, and that’s all I’ve got to say.

Reporter: Were you surprised by the decision this morning?

Ford: Of course I was surprised. It’s disappointing and surprising. You’ve just got to roll with the punches. And this is, uh, you have to have skin on you like an alligator.

The very next thing Ford did after speaking about his historic removal from office was go downstairs to the City Hall rotunda to launch the 2012 edition of the Mayor’s annual toy drive, a pre-Christmas charity drive initiated by Ford’s administration in 2011. There, amid piles of toys, including a Dora the Explorer tricycle and several dollhouse-esque playsets, the mayor gave a prepared speech, then sat down on the floor with several small children, plucked from City Hall’s daycare for the photo op. He spoke a few quiet words to them, told them goodbye, and then ascended the steps to his office and disappeared, once again, behind closed doors.


  • Anonymous

    How phased is Rob Ford by the court decision? He cut football practice the day before the big game!

    “We are more than an hour into practice and still no Rob Ford. This is more surprising than the judgment…” — Robyn Doolittle

    • kroberts

      wow, it took all of this for him to finally get the message…

      • Anonymous

        He did finally attend practice. After all, his passion for football is what got him fired, no need to change now.

  • Laka Dukus

    The guy who started all this was part of Adam Chaleff-Freundenthaler’s school trustee campain. Adam Chaleff-Freundenthaler is dating the Editor-in-Chief of Torontoist. funny how all lefties and fake journalists hang out together.

    • OgtheDim

      So what exactly should the Torontoist do?

      Declare a conflict of interest and not vote?

    • Nelson

      It means they have good taste. Ha ha!

    • Chris

      The guy who started all this is named Rob Ford.

    • Anonymous

      Does it matter who holds a politician accountable, or who that person’s friends/colleagues/spouse/drycleaner is?

      Wake up Ford Nation zombies: He fucked up and this is all how own doing.

    • vampchick21

      So? One could say the same of The Sun and all right wingers and their fake journalists hang out together. Besides, way back when the trial started, the Torontoist stated the connection very clearly, no surprise here. Add to the fact that, ummmm…Ford screwed up and a judge found him guilty? Unless you think us horrible evil pinkos have all judges in our collective back pocket too?

    • raindogxx

      So, Laka, lemme get this straight–Ford violates a conflict of interest code, is given several opportunities to remedy the situation–but doesn’t–then proceeds to vote on the issue. Furthermore, he claims ignorance of the violation because of his own confused definition of “conflict of interest”–one that is shared by, well, nobody else–and the fault, according to you, lies with the guy who called him on it? You’re saying Ford was not an active agent in his own demise? C’mon. . . .

  • Anonymous

    It’s not about Ford anymore, it’s about our great city. He’s so selfish
    and arrogant he’s going to appeal. He has that right, and it can go
    forward if he actually has something to appeal with. He has nothing. No
    appeal is going to happen. Second as far as a by-election. He is
    ineligible as the current term has another 2 years. So the buffoon is
    out until at least 2014. He’ll soon realize he’s screwed and do a “for
    the best interests of the city” speech and give up his stupidity and try
    to save face with this type of false proclamation. He’s out. Ding