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Rob Ford Conflict-of-Interest Verdict: Full Text

The full text of Judge Hackland's decision on Rob Ford's conflict of interest case.

Mayor Rob Ford will soon be mayor no longer. This morning, a decision by Judge Charles Hackland ousted Ford from office as a result of Ford’s now-confirmed breach of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act at a February council meeting. The Judge has imposed a 14-day stay on his decision, meaning Ford remains in office for two weeks. He has the right to appeal—and he has said he will do so—and can apply for a further stay that could keep him in office until his appeal is settled.

The full text of the decision is right here:

Rob Ford Conflict of Interest Decision


  • Anonymous

    Two words: Marion Barry.

  • Jorge Soto

    Is there a celebration going on somewhere?

  • Jorge Soto

    Is there a celebration going on somewhere?

  • Anonymous

    He will not be able to run in a bye-election, as he is disqualified for the rest of this term. I suspect he will appeal and drag it out, but really he is done! I would not be surprised to see him run in the next election in 2014, but against a strong progressive candidate like Olivia Chow, he will lose. Go back to coaching football, Rob, and the company you inherited from your Daddy.

    • Pugny, the Punning Pug

      You mean “bye-bye election”.

  • Quantum of Conflict

    Wonder if this will survive the inevitable appeal.

    If it does, I only hope our next Mayor will be somebody who, when told, “This plan of yours will waste money, accomplish nothing, and here’s the evidence”, will reply, “Hm, we’d better rethink this”.

    • Anonymous

      There’s very little wiggle-room in the act. The only possible change would be allowing him to run in the by-election.

  • Paul Kishimoto

    I really hope everyone is tweeting, e-mailing, phoning and/or writing their progressive-candidate-of-choice right now, suggesting they get their campaign in gear.

    EDIT: on second thought, a viable candidate would hopefully already be organized—but a little encouragement can’t hurt.

  • Anonymous

    Has he said whether or not he intends to appeal?

    • Anonymous

      Doug’s still trying to explain to him that he lost.

      • vampchick21

        But who’s explaining “lost” to Doug?

    • Anonymous

      He is being quoted that he will appeal.

  • Anonymous

    An appeal would favour a Liberal candidate who would have time to organise against a Chow coronation (can anyone see her tearing up her NDP card as Miller did by the way?) but hinder a Tory candidate who would be organising against one of his (surely “his”) own but who might just win the appeal and carry a grudge that it was ever in doubt.

  • Martha Lee

    `a stubborn sense of entitlement .. a dismissive and confrontational attitude .. ignorance of the law .. lack of diligence’ Yup – that about sums it up!

    I love how his best defense was that `no objectively reasonable person would jeopardize his job for $3,150′. Is that the `only a complete moron would do something that stupid’ defense??