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Duly Quoted: Rob Ford on the Football Bus

“I don’t run the TTC…. It was the head coach at Henry Carr who started it!”

—The entirety of Rob Ford’s remarks to reporters before ducking into his office, when asked if it was appropriate for a TTC bus to be taken off regular passenger service to pick up the players from the football team he coaches, the Don Bosco Eagles. The TTC released a statement yesterday explaining that they were responding to a request from the police to send what’s called a “shelter bus,” meant to help ferry people in emergency situations, and that operational staff did not know that the bus was going to pick up the mayor’s football team. The police have not yet released a formal statement on the matter.


  • Justin Flontek

    Gravy Bus Ford!

  • vampchick21

    What. The. F? Seriously. What. The. F? What does “who started it” have to do with the question at hand? Is he 5?

  • Anonymous

    “You mean the bus I paid for? Do your homework and don’t sleep with me. Like Dug said, those kids have no mothers and fathers and nobody does more for them than me. And it was cold and rainy and I lost control and they were gonna push over the goal posts. It was a lose-lose situation for me. I make sure a bus is sent, I get in trouble. I don’t make sure the bus comes and I fire Byford for it, I get in trouble. There’s no pleasing you leftie latte lapping journalists.” — Rub Ford

  • Vashty Hawkins

    aka “I can never take any responsibility for anything I say or do … ever”. Unreal!

    • picard102

      He doesn’t seem to be able too in general. But this time he’s not the one who needs to take responsibility.

  • Anonymous

    End the gravy bus!

  • Eric S. Smith

    Suggested Ford talking point: “If those passengers hadda been riding a subway, this never woulda happened!”

    • Anonymous

      If those passengers hadda been riding a LRT, this never woulda happened!

  • Aylwin Lo

    So he throws his coach under the bus. Nice. (Pun literally unavoidable).

  • Anonymous

    Go read the comments section of the Sun on this story. It is utterly shocking how many people are still defending the Child Mayor, and even more shocking that said defenders can operate a computer.

    • Anonymous

      The level of literacy makes me ask do they teach English in school anymore?

  • Michael Cavanagh


    *May not apply to taxpayers on the 36 Finch West route,

  • Tennessee Delight

    Because of that fat sack of shit, I was unable to see go to the hospital to see my first child being born because I and other TTC riders were taken off for ‘emergency purposes.’

    My wife and family were beyond bummed out that I wasn’t there during that moment, but I thought of it as a ‘c’est la vie’ thing until I found out the truth of where the bus was really heading off to. Now I am beyond pissed off.

    I suggest to everyone that was inconvenienced during that night should make their way to City Hall and demand an explanation from the man himself.

    He says that he’s a man of the people, he better get ready to explain himself directly to the people.

    • Anonymous

      I hope this is true and you have interviews with the Star and Sun lined up.

    • Anonymous

      Hello! I’d love to hear more about this. Drop an email to ?

    • Anonymous

      I am sorry to hear this, Tennessee. There are lots of buses short-turned every rush hour. You will need to provide the location and time your bus went out of service to verify that you were one of those inconvenienced due to the football players.

  • Paul Fabris

    Um, that’s not a quote. That’s not remotely a quote. The Globe’s transcript of Ford’s scrum goes on and on. If this is a snarky summary, perhaps you should say that.

    • Anonymous

      He says in 600 words what the quote above says in 16.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it is a quote. It is a quote from a scrum the mayor had an hour prior to the one the Globe transcibed. This was at the beginning of the lunch break; theirs was from the end of the lunch break.

      And yes, I have it on tape.