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Len, a Neglected Local One-Hit Wonder, Releases a New Toronto-Centric Music Video

A new song from a band you'd probably forgotten about.

The Toronto-based alt-rock duo called Len, whose one and only hit was a 1999 international chart-topper called “Steal My Sunshine” (if you’re over the age of 20, you’re probably remembering its backing piano riff with surprising vividness right about now), just released a new album today. We wouldn’t be bothering you with this were it not for the fact that the music video, also released this week, has a whole hell of a lot of Toronto in it.

The song is called “It’s My Neighbourhood,” and it is, well, not to our taste. The video, meanwhile, consists of a lot of stock helicopter shots of the Toronto skyline ripped directly from the City’s b-roll, interspersed with some footage of Len frontman Marc Costanzo looking pretty much exactly the way he did 13 years ago in the “Steal My Sunshine” video, down to the tank top. His Yankees baseball cap is no longer sideways, though. So let it not be said that he’s out of touch.

In fact, Len has never actually gone away. This newest album, titled “It’s Easy If You Try,” is the third they’ve released since they had their moment of fame.

All sarcasm aside, it’s nice to see a local act release a video that celebrates where they’re from. Even if this one is destined not to be seen by that many people.

The video for “Steal My Sunshine,” incidentally, was shot in Daytona Beach.

Hat tip to Aux—and David Topping, for noticing the b-roll connection.