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Etobicoke Centre MP Ted Opitz to Keep His Seat, Despite Court Challenge

Opitz (centre) with constituents in August, 2012. Photo courtesy of Ted Opitz.

The Star is reporting that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Ted Opitz, Conservative MP for Etobicoke Centre, can keep his seat in parliament despite voting irregularities in his riding during the 2011 federal election. Opitz’s opponent in that race, Liberal incumbent Borys Wrzsnewskyj, alleged that mistakes by Elections Canada polling officials caused some votes in the riding to be cast improperly. Since Opitz won the election by just 26 votes, an Ontario Superior Court of Justice judge decided in favour of Wrzsnewkyj last spring. The Supreme Court decision, released earlier this morning, overturns that earlier one. Had things gone the other way, Etobicoke would likely have had a by-election. Instead, Opitz gets to spend the rest of his term in Ottawa, with no legal cloud hanging over his head.