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Duly Quoted: The Toronto Police Service’s Official Facebook Page

“Finally, on behalf of all the citizens of Toronto that value road safety, Mr Mayor… please get a driver. It is obvious that you are busy enough to require one and no amount of money you are saving by not having one is worth the life of one of your citizens.”

—After Mayor Rob Ford admitted to reading while driving on the Gardiner Expressway yesterday—which is not in itself an illegal act, though it can be a factor in a careless-driving charge—a Toronto Police officer whom the Globe identifies as Sgt. Tim Burrows added a message to the Toronto Police Service’s official Facebook page. It concluded with a plea, quoted above in its original form. (The second sentence was deleted at some point after the message was posted.) Despite the urging of his brother, Councillor Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North), Rob Ford has refused to hire a driver since becoming mayor.


  • Anonymous

    The Toronto Police should put a tail on Mayor Ford, and pull him over and ticket him for every infraction no matter how trivial.

    Then he can explain how that is saving the taxpayers money.

    If nothing else, he will soon lose his license.

  • Anonymous

    Ford probably disagrees with that last part. GRAVY GRAVY GRAVY

    • Paul Kishimoto

      Gravy is STILL made out of people! They didn’t change the recipe like they said they were going to! It’s STILL people!!

  • Anonymous

    • Hanlon Razor


      • Anonymous

        Missed our automatic filter somehow, but deleted now.

  • commenter

    Lost in all of this is the amazing news that Mayor Ford can actually read…

    • Anonymous

      It was a gatefold. Even more alarming, his other hand can’t be seen.