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Duly Quoted: Rob Ford

“I take my invitations one day at a time as you know.”

—The mayor, to reporters, about whether he’ll accept an invitation from Pride Toronto to attend this year’s festivities. He missed 2011 Pride entirely, to much controversy—he had a regular family trip to the cottage scheduled for the parade, Ford said, but skipped all events on other days as well, including the City Hall rainbow flag-raising ceremony. Ford has also so far failed to reply to another invitation to Pride, from councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale), who wrote to the mayor two months ago.


  • Anonymous

    How is it acceptable for a public official to not (at the very least) to not respond to invitations? Does simple courtesy not apply to municipal officials?

    Rob Ford is a fool if he thinks not responding will quiet the controversy. If he’s opposed to Pride, he should be honest. Voters deserve to have transparency from their leaders.

  • Anonymous

    I actually don’t think it would be a good idea for him to attend the parade. All it takes is for one person to do something stupid like throw eggs at him and that would ruin it for everyone and the media would go crazy and only strengthen his core supporters. He hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the gay community. He should stick with the flag-raising – something he’d barely be comfortable with and that should cover his involvement with Pride.

    • Anonymous

      I’d prefer it if he didn’t attend, at this point. Show up this year at the smaller events and maybe we’ll see for 2013. But I agree – I don’t want to see him sprayed with eggs or super soaker.

    • Agnieszka Jeglinska

      He probably would call police, not once, not twice, but number of times ;)
      Don’t you f–king know? He is Rob f- -king Ford, the mayor of this city! ;)

    • Anonymous

      He doesn’t need to attend, but common courtesy would be to respond either way. Rather than reserving a place of honour for the mayor of Toronto, it could be offered to someone appreciative.

    • Legis Actio

      I would actually be more worried that Ford could suddenly realize that he’s latent gay. Imagine the media response and his political image of the most primitive Mayor in the World being crushed if he shook hands with gay people or God forbid, started sucking up to them, or sucking them up:) Blob Ford sucks!

  • Steve Craig

    Can we assume, then, that he woke up on the morning of the Easter Parade and just decided to go? And having done that one, surely he’s figured out how to smuggle a mickey onto a float?

    This mayor disgraces us all.

    • Marcg

      He did pull his back, which indicates he didn’t do his warm-up stretches so perhaps he really hadn’t planned on going.

  • Anonymous

    The way he puts words together is pretty interesting. He certainly doesn’t have a way with words.

  • Vashty Hawkins

    aka Fordspeak for “no way in hell”

  • Colin Kelly

    I will not be going either…have an aversion to half naked people making out in public, gay or straight.

    • Anonymous

      Well aren’t you just a bowl of fun?

    • Anonymous

      You’d prefer they be fully naked, eh Popeye?

    • Anonymous

      Mammo… is that you?

    • Legis Actio

      Keep out of swingers clubs, booby bars and all fun places NUN!

    • M.A.D.

      Are you saying that you actually have something in common with our Mayor? Wow! Were you also arrested for DUI, beating your spouse etc? Do you also weight 310lb? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, I would really like to meet you and tell you in person how much you SUCK

  • Josie Erent

    As a Rob Ford Supporter, I have called his office to make invitations to cities like Chicago, San Francisco and New York…As a citizen of Toronto, I have never seen so many nasty comments against a politician who tries to be fair to all citizens……If I were him, i will have someone else go to the gay pride parade..

    • Vampchick21

      And just how is he trying to be fair to all citizens? And how did your call-in invites go?

    • bud latanville

      He’s shunning a sizeable chunk of our city’s populace, at an event that is world-renowned (it’s the second largest Pride Parade in the world), and one that brings in nearly 100 million dollars in tourism and increased commerce.
      Would he do that to any other community, to any other event that brought that much that is positive to the city? No, he wouldn’t. And hence why he is being tarred as a bigot and an idiot unfit to be mayor.

      • Vashty Hawkins

        He doesn’t seem to have a problem showing his face at Caribana, which also has all kinds of scantily clad shenanigans (but largely hetero so OK in Ford’s books I guess)

        • Anonymous

          Way to minimize an entire culture :P

          • Vashty Hawkins

            Sorry you interpreted it that way – I just find it interesting that he would have no issue with attending one large-scale, money-making civic event and not the other, and can think of little reason other than the sexual orientation of the participants involved.

          • Anonymous

            Just realize Carnival has nothing to do with “scantily clad” or “shenanigans”.

            I see your point though.

          • Anonymous

            neither does pride Toronto. That is a myth that it does.

          • Anonymous

            Who said it does?

            The comparison is ridiculous anyways. At least with pride it rings true much more than Carnivale.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, did you see him at the latest weigh-in? Boobies give him the willies, too.

    • Anonymous

      Why are you a Rob Ford supporter? Do you want to have someone in charge who refuses to do his job, who has no leadership quality, who is largely absent from council meetings, who conducts secretive meetings with developers, who doesn’t listen to the public, who gives up on his post with more than two years left to serve, and who is hostile to large portions of the population?

      He has none of the qualities befitting a mayor and all of the qualities you’d look for in a bigoted toddler playing mayor.

      • Anonymous

        And those are his good points…

    • Agnieszka Jeglinska

      “tries to be fair to all citizens”.

      Oh I’m sorry, by all citizens you mean not gay and not women eh?

      • True North

        And not on a bicycle.

        • VonAwesome

          And not wealthy.

    • Legis Actio

      Blob Ford is truly PRIDE of Toronto:)

  • Agnieszka Jeglinska

    How can you be a POLITICIAN and plan your appearances “one day at a time”???
    Perhaps Rob Ford should make a trip to Wallmart and get himself a calendar and actually plan something ahead, and show some respect and responsibility as a major.

    But then again, we are talking here about a man, who can’t keep his word. The only thing he seems to be passionate and excited about is his god-damn radio show.

    Time to leave politics alone Rob aka DJ Ford.

    • Vampchick21

      I’m an EA, and I can only guess that Ford’s EA either has the easiest job in the world or the worst job in the world. I’m going with worst.

  • Anonymous

    Could the reason for not wanting to attend the parade be, that some of the more suggestive actions of male participants, make the mayor a little stiff?

  • Liam Coleman

    Mel Lastman skipped the parade one year as well. When he did appear the following year, he had a blast with his water hose and the crowd loved him. As much as some people didn’t like Mel, he was a real populist. Rob Ford should ask for pointers.

  • Anonymous

    How would he respond to a disinvitation?

  • Laserboy4

    I don’t blame him if he doesn’t attend the parade, at this point he’s not wanted. I would be pleased if he would simply do his JOB and read the Proclamation outside of his office at City Hall kicking off Pride Week instead of sending the Deputy Mayor to do the job. That would bridge a very large gap and I’m confident make people happy that he at least acknowledges part of Toronto’s diverse population, you know, the taxpayers.

  • Jacob

    I wonder how quickly he would accept if some bigwig sent him an invitation to a BBQ sometime in June.


    who cares so he doesn’t like gay ppl I don’t know why ppl keep asking him if you know he doesn’t want to go why should he. You don’t have to like gay ppl its your right

    • Agnieszka Jeglinska

      When a person decides to become a politician, it’s not a question of him/her wanting or not wanting, liking or not liking something. It’s a matter of respect as a representative of a city. Big difference.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it would be a good idea for him to show up to the parade.
    HOWEVER… the least he could do is show up to the opening flag raising ceremony… where its smaller and formal. Its just outside Toronto City Hall… because if he has time to go to … a) Easter egg parades, b) Trump hotel openings, c) Hold short notice meetings with developers, d) take tours around TCHC e) visit 2 calls a day because someone is telling him there is a city tree that is breaking my driveway f) Visit the leaf’s GM private meeting on a day’s notice, etc.
    Then he could find time to go outside City Hall, read a prepared statement, raise a flag and listen to the national anthem.

  • Anonymous

    It’s official:

    I think the organizers should send Rob one of those giant oil sand truck inner tubes for a hemorrhoid cushion he can sit on at the cottage. They can call it the “Big Asshole Award”.

  • Joanguen

    yipes i have pictures of ford marching in the good friday ‘parade’ along with several versions of jesus being flogged … seems easter weekend does not make the same demands on his family time as canada day weekend …