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Newsstand: March 3, 2012

Happy happiest day of the week. Some news for ya: the TTC board could be completely revamped as of Monday; a strike or lockout may be imminent for the city's largest civic union; the Toronto Maple Leafs coach has been sacked; wind stops a wind-turbine protest; and there's going to be wind—like, so much.

It’s nothing but drama at City Hall. The latest twist in the transit saga is that TTC Chair Karen Stintz put out a press release yesterday announcing that she will ask council to dissolve the current TTC board on Monday, rather than in June. She wants a board made up of seven councillors and four citizens, while Ford’s camp has suggested six councillors and five citizens; the board is currently composed of nine councillors. Stintz’s proposal is for council to choose the seven new councillors on Monday, with the citizens joining the ranks in June. She has even stated that, though she’ll put her name forward, she’d be okay with council not choosing her, ’cause she’s all about the will of council. Really, though? Stintz’s declaration comes mere days after she and Mayor Rob Ford supposedly reached a compromise over the board’s composition. Needless to say, Ford is pissed.

With talks between CUPE Local 79 and the city at an impasse, a strike or lockout seems to be in the cards for 23,000 indoor workers. A range of city services could be affected, including daycares, community centres, senior’s homes, and public health offices.

Toronto Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson was fired yesterday, to the apparent delight of some fans. General manager Brian Burke thought something had to give, and decided he had no choice but to let his former college roommate go. Awkward.

Ironically, a protest opposing a Canadian Auto Workers–owned industrial wind turbine near Lake Huron this weekend has been cancelled, because it’s going to be really, really windy.

In other news, it’s going to be so windy.


  • Anonymous

    Let’s get rid of all councillors and replace them with elected citizeWAIT A SECOND

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the confusion between Stintz and Ford is simply Ford not knowing what “citizens” are. Stintz should refer to them as “taxpayers”. It would clear things up for him.

    The circus came to town the day Ford became mayor. Its acts are getting tiresome, the elephants have escaped and are laying a path of destruction, everywhere they go. Let’s chase them out of town.