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Urban Toronto: First Look at the New Globe and Mail Office

First rendering for the building planned to go in at Front and Spadina.

The history, design, and development of Toronto’s building projects, brought to you by Urban Toronto.

Rendering by KPMB Architects; shows the view on Spadina facing north.

The Globe and Mail has made public more details of their plan to redevelop their site at 444 Front Street West, which will include the construction of a new headquarters at the northwest corner of Front and Spadina (where a Toyota dealership currently stands).

According to those plans, the Globe will sever this parcel from the bulk of their lot to build an 18-storey LEED gold-certified office tower, designed by KPMB Architects. Globe offices will take up the six-storey podium, and other tenants will be sought for the tower; the intention is for the building to serve as a hub for the media and related industries.

A new north/south road will be built west of the office building for access, parking, and loading. The road will presumably to connect to Wellington Avenue, and to some land retained for new green space on the site. Also included in the design: a large public media wall and a wired theatre that could be used for events like TED broadcasts.

KPMB recently provided more details about the planned development at a community meeting; Urban Toronto has a full report.


  • Anonymous

    It looks… kinda… wonky. I expect better of the G&M.

  • Eric S. Smith

    Alas, “a large public media wall” just sounds like “a giant video billboard” to me.

  • Derek Quenneville

    A newspaper company wants to build a fancy new HQ? Where are they getting the money for that?

    • Mikey Kolberg

      G&M is owned by Woodbridge Company aka The Thomson Family aka The richest family in Canada

      • A Donkey

        But the Thomson family isn’t a charity. Most newspapers are struggling these days, it says something that they have the funds for a new building.

        • blargh

          I attended a speech by the G&M’s former editor in chief. He said the Thomsons run it like a charity. “It’s their gift to the people of Canada.” I doubt it’s entirely true, but there must be something to it.

          • Toronto My Way

            To whatever degree it is true, it’s very refreshing that a family can support a trust to society. And, given the Globe’s historic birth as an outlet for George Brown, there is some merit in seeing the G&M as a valuable contributor to society beyond being just another for-profit corporation.

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing the property will be owned by a commercial real estate company, and the Globe will be the main tenant.

    • Toronto My Way

      Hopefully the G&M has understood the difference between “news” and “paper” and that they’re buttering their bread on the “news” side and unhitching their wagon from the “paper” side

  • Scott

    The building will be covered in giant pictures of Will and Kate since thats what John Stackhouse thinks is news.

  • Anonymous

    The massing seems quite much, but the angular design and transparency look really nice.

  • Nathan Ng

    dead project?