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The Sound Advice Top 10

The best local albums this year, in review

Sound Advice covered 50 albums in 2011, and in the interest of jumping on the end-of-year list bandwagon separating the best from the rest, we bring you the top 10 local EPs, LPs, and “digital 45s” of the year—in no particular order—as selected by Robin Hatch and Chris Dart. Click through the gallery below to read their comments.


  • Mike Nowak

    You’d think that with 50 local album/ep reviews that there’d be a mention of Trust’s “Candy Walls” single, which is my favourite thing put on wax in Toronto this year.

  • andrewcameronjohnson

    I know that these things are made for “what about…” comments… but really, what about Sandro Perri’s “Impossible Spaces”?

  • SS

    Tosta Mista was robbed. Hooded Fang 4 lyfe.

  • ife

    Metals by Feist, David Comes to Life by Fucked Up, and Tosta Mista by Hooded Fang

  • John Semley

    You’re goddamned right, Blood Ceremony.

  • Butchers_son

    You guys forgot to mention Elos Arma’s T.I.T.S.