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Poll: Does Today’s Occupation Evacuation Help Heal G20 Wounds?


  • Simon Vehicle!

    Is it helpful that it was the “for-real” Toronto Police and not a bunch of shoddy imports from surrounding backwaters out there today? I’ve never had a huge problem with our local police force when they’re just going about their business. (I say this of course as a straight white male, so YMMV)

    • Geoff Gilmour-Taylor

      I’m not sure if it’s where the cops come from that’s the difference (“backwaters”? seriously?) Perhaps the fact that they weren’t working in unfamiliar territory had something to do with it.

      I suspect the main reason is that the police are on a tight leash right now. An emphasis on discipline is no bad thing when it comes to police. I suspect that at the G20 they didn’t give enough time to fully train officers. I suspect that the orders from above at the G20 were to stop anything bad happening in any way possible, with no indication as to what constituted “bad”, and the only indication of means being the large array of new armour and weaponry.

      I think it helped that the occupation was small and rather contained, rather than huge and sprawling like the G20. I think it helped that the police and the City have been really rather open and reasonable about things (rather than secretive and mendacious). I think it helped that the occupiers made their peaceful intentions known and didn’t break windows or set things on fire. It certainly helped that the police did not escalate things by putting on a show of force. And as Adam Vaughn said, there was the work of City staff on the ground (I think some of Cllr McConnell’s staff were there, too) to facilitate a peaceful resolution. In other words, all parties behaved like adults for once (not counting Doug Ford).

  • Rob Page

    what i like most about this post is the hidden TIFF reviews in the HTML source.

  • Anonymous

    Not at all. If they’d been told to march in, batons a-swingin’, they would have. If they’d been told to kettle the park and arrest everyone inside a few hours later, they would have. If they’d been told to fire tear gas, they would have. If they’d been told to hand out candy and teddy bears, they would have.