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Ford Releases New Campaign Slogans in Wake of Swearing Controversy

Top: campaign sign by Marc Lostracco. Bottom: campaign sticker by {a href="!/GraphicMatt/status/129545555109085184/photo/1"}Matt Elliott{/a}.

It’s never too early to start campaigning. Toronto’s next municipal election may be a few years off, but our ambitious mayor knows an opportunity when he sees one. After watching news about his alleged F-bombing of a 911 operator spread like wildfire across social media channels this morning, Mayor Ford decided his obviously popular message was worth preserving and sharing, in sign form. The man’s gotta work hard to maintain his sky-high approval rating.


  • Anonymous

    Rick James wants royalties, bitches!

  • Paul Kishimoto

    I lol’d so hard.

  • Anonymous

    I hate everything about Ford, but if he uses these signs in 2014, I WILL vote for him.

  • Geronimo

    Too bad you jumped the gun on this one. All that seething hatred must really burn you dudes up at night

    • Robfuckingford

      Oh it certainly does.

    • Vashty Hawkins

      On the contrary, I think watching this doofus implode is hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    Re-Elect Rob Ford: When Are the Fucking Police Going to Show Up?

    • Marc Lostracco

      Well, Ford once said to call 911 if you witness graffiti happening, so perhaps the police-fire-ambulance services were busy chasing a dastardly tagger.

      But the poor dear—the media can be scary when you aren’t ever exposed to them. They might even ask you a question when your PR flack ain’t around and you aren’t safe inside the newly card-keyed bunker that is the mayor’s office! Mayorin’ sure is hard.

  • Rob-effing-Ford


  • Csh Threenorns

    maybe he should rethink his strategy, considering what the famed “FORD” acronym stands for in the auto industry? and i ain’t talking Fix Or Repair Daily, either.

    maybe in politics, it would stand for Fucked Over Royally, Dude?

    or Freaked Out Reaming Delahunty?

    maybe Foul Ol’ Rob’s Diatribe (only Discworld fans will get that one)?

    Fuming Over Refusing Delahunty?

    i could get a lot of mileage out of this one!

    • Anonymous

      ‘Fraid of Reporter Delahunty

  • Anon

    Rob Ford wanted to be remembered for SOMEthing since he screwed up everything he WANTED to be remembered for. Oh, where’s Rick Mercer when you need the guy?? LMBO!

  • Anonymous


  • Anna


  • Tyler G.

    Worst Photoshop job ever.

  • Brittkidd

    hahahaha brilliant

  • Grandpabobo

    It is with the utmost regret that our Mayor Rob Ford has exposed himself to the illustrious insitituion, our national Radio/TV, CBC.
    It is just another example of all that is wrong in our society in regard to a duly elected official, no respect.
    The socialists in our society are many, ranging from civil servants ( TTC, Hydro, CUPE, Police, et al)
    and the worst of all TEACHERS, except the ones that are not published, covert societies, bleeding hearts,
    ministries, et al
    These all come under the dictates of the taxpayer coffers.
    This is not just a disgrace it is an injustice to all the people that pay for it, the socialists will say, we pay taxes too, not the case, they do not generate revenue!!!,
    Only business does to pay for these people that are the takers.
    We all know the champagne charlies that sit on their fat asses and take, and we stay silent!

    Such a pity.

    Now we have a person that says enough, and we don’t support him.

    Rob Ford has a bloody battle on his hands to try and wrest some common sense for this city that has eroded over the years of GRAB THE MONEY.

    So he swears, who cares. except the little left wing darlings that say they have never been spoken to like that. BULLSHIT!

    The left wing element are pissed off because they can’t get all the goodies that the other administrations
    handed them.


    If our Mayor Rob Ford can’t say it, I can.

    FUCK THEM!!!!

    Best Regards

    Robert William Corrigan

    Artist/ Designer/Father/ Grandfather/ Canadian Senior Citizen/and last but not least TAXPAYER.

    Regardless of all that differ to my comments


    • Anonymous

      Bet you’re a real firecracker at a party. Do you carry a piece of sod everywhere so you can tell everyone you encounter to get off your lawn?

    • Your Momma

      seek help old man, seek help.

  • DoYouKnowWhoIAmBItches?

    I still can’t stop laughing. It’s something you would make a joke about.

  • Steve Caunce

    I’m the Fucking Mayor, Bitch!

  • Calton

    I’d give money to Ford’s campaign just for that lawn sign, even though I’m not a supporter. Nor live in Toronto. Nor am Canadian. Nor even live in North America.