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TIFF Scenes: A Dangerous David Cronenberg, Waltzing with Sarah Polley

Keira Knightley arrives at Roy Thomson Hall for the gala screening of A Dangerous Method.

TIFF’s Saturday night was full of more red carpets, more screaming fans, and, we are happy to report, actors being nice and friendly. Props to Viggo Mortensen, who actually came out of the theatre after going in, once it became clear the screening would be delayed, to schmooze more with the excited public at the Dangerous Method gala.

A little later Canadian film fans were out in force for the opening of Sarah Polley’s sophomore outing, Take This Waltz. She called Seth Rogen her favourite new dramatic actor (this was his first dramatic role). Rogen, meanwhile, said he enjoyed his serious turn and he learned how to cook chicken on set. Lots and lots of chicken. Sarah Silverman is another comic who took on a serious role in Waltz; when asked about the differences between comedy and drama she said: “With drama you have to mean it… or it’s going to be only manure you’re giving out.” She was a bit nervous about the nude scene (she’s hoping her dad won’t watch, but thinks he will), but said that it actually wasn’t a big deal to shoot.

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  • Raad41

    Question: why there is no red carpet …. things look kinda cheap ya know

    • Christopher Drost

      you are seeing mostly photos taken from where the actors get out of their vehicles and walk towards the fans… and then the red carpet, which leads into the various venues (in the case with the above photos, Roy Thompson Hall).

      With the red carpet itself being a giant branded piece for various enterprises – a majority of the press photos taken are towards the area where fans are….while the wire service photographers are taking photos against the branded backdrops.

      Unlike Cannes and Oscars however, the entire area where talent walk for the cameras is covered in a sea of red. Not so much in Toronto.