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Announcing Two Improved Ways to Read Torontoist

View on an iPad.

Last month, we proudly launched our redesign, which aimed to make Torontoist nicer to look at, more comfortable to read, and easier to navigate. Now, we’re excited to roll out our upgraded RSS feed and features that make the site more mobile friendly. What does it mean for you? If you’re used to Torontoist showing up in your RSS reader, it’s back in the mix. Or, if you didn’t access the site through RSS before, what better time to start? Even better, it’s possible to subscribe to individual authors, tags, and categories. And if you’ve made a habit of reading our stories when you’re out and about, the new site features a fluid CSS layout that adapts to your reported screen size, from 1040 pixels wide all the way down, making it easier to read Torontoist on smartphones and tablets. We did it all for you!

Got tech-y questions about our new RSS and mobile features? Ask them in the comments.


  • Derek Quenneville

    Can you please bring back the full-text RSS feed? I’ve been using third-party solutions for this and it’s not pretty.

  • Joe Clark

    It’s Torontoist, not Torontist, and names of Web sites aren’t italicized even if you think they’re really, really important.

    • Marc Lostracco

      I think it’s fair to italicize Torontoist. The difference is between the web publication itself (italicized) and referring to the URL (not italicized). For example, “as published on Salon” versus “as published on”