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Clever Trinity Bellwoods Map Helps Friends Get Together

Hanging out in parks is great this time of year, but actually finding friends across expansive playing fields, through stands of trees, and amongst crowds of other parkgoers can be tricky.
Running out of patience for these time-wasting wanderings, problem-solver James McDonough put together this grid-based map of Trinity Bellwoods Park, a very popular warm-weather spot, and posted it to his Facebook profile. He and his buds were “sick of using lengthy, useless descriptions to find each other in the park (and then calling [the] friend and looking around like an idiot).”
So he decided to make a “Battleship-style grid” to allow them to better coordinate their hangouts. “Instead of ‘I’m near that big tree, south of the bushes. It’s kind of near the baseball diamond. No, the smaller baseball diamond. Where are you?’—you just say ‘I’m in D8. Seeya.’”
McDonough says he created and sized the map with smartphones in mind. We think its simple utility will come in handy for more Torontonians than just McDonough and his friends this summer.


  • Paul Hollingsworth

    The baseball Diamonds they are Round. Ow. My brain.

  • Kivi Shapiro

    The Crawford Street Bridge (… is still buried.

  • M S

    The place marked “Weird House” is John Gibson House, a home for older adults with mental health and addiction challenges who can otherwise live with a good degree of independence.  I expect JGH was tagged “Weird House” out of ignorance only, but given the building's use, bad choice for a cute name-on-map.

  • matthewdouglasalexander

    Sorry everyone, this map is terrible. The grid adds nothing to it and they aren't even equal sizes. I appreciate the effort made to improve navigation through the park, but this isn't the way to do it. If I have a copy of the map but my friend only has a regular map, or no map, I can't help them.

    What I would support is something like painting the lamp posts different colours in different sectors of the park. “Meet me in the green quarter”, that kind of thing.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    “Sorry everyone…. What I would support…”

    You seem to think your opinion carries a lot of weight.

  • Best guest

    He forgot weird place on the slope with the trees where all drunk people go to pee.

    • Better than Best Guest

      but who would want to go there?

      • NΞIL Campbell

        Drunk people who need to pee?

  • guest

    from wikipedia, about the weird house:

    St. Hilda’s College building, (the women’s residence of Trinity College) still overlooks the northern half of the park on the western edge. It is now a seniors’ residence, John Gibson House.

  • Peter

    This is a bogus article, stop trying to be cool by posting stuff about Bellwoods. It’s already busy enough without your stupid tourist map.