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Extra, Extra: Left-Wing Pinkos, Koreatown Mysteries, and an Overseas G20 Payout

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

Four proposed button designs by noted left-wing pinko elitists, Spacing.

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  • http://undefined Matthew

    Toronto start-up has added their own design so now you can order your own Pinko vinyl sticker:
    If you don’t like that particular design you can always upload your own.

  • TheRealJohnson

    Those buttons are sweet. Always nice to hear what our mouth-breathing 905er mayor and his mouth-breathing 905er friends think about our city.

  • TheRealJohnson

    I just realized that the last time I called someone a “mouth-breather” in a comment on here, a Torontoist reader who can’t breath through his nose was offended. So I apologize in advance to that guy.

  • http://undefined rich1299

    That was me, I wasn’t really offended, I had had a very bad day at work that day and was in a bitchy foul mood, my 1.5 hour trip home on the TTC at rush hour didn’t help matters any either. What I would have probably said instead if I wasn’t in such a foul mood, and still replied to your post, was that not all mouth breathers are like that, especially since I get that its not referencing actual mouth breathers but neanthradals (however its spelled) and cave men. I don’t like the expression and don’t use it myself but normally I’m not at all bothered by hearing or reading someone else use it, but if I’m in a foul mood it doesn’t take very much to really annoy me sometimes.
    I checked out your blog and loved it! I’ll read more of it later on.

  • Adam M.

    Cash in with ugly buttons.

  • accozzaglia

    At least someone has the means to do so, even if they’re not necessarily the very first to devise the idea. Media platforms are funny that way.

  • http://undefined Cagliari

    T-shirts are also starting to pop up :) –