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It is forecast to be Rain at 11:00 PM EDT on July 28, 2014
It is forecast to be Chance of Rain at 11:00 PM EDT on July 29, 2014
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  • http://undefined Mr Ornot

    Driving down Jarvis St last night it took me about ten seconds to read the newly painted lines on the road – a new yellow one down the centre and dotted white for the lanes, including the bike lanes.
    However, I seemed to be the only person on the road driving in the new lanes. Everyone else was driving inside the old lines. Non-conformist that I am, I didn’t mind being the odd man out, but I couldn’t decide if my fellow Torontonians were such bad drivers that they couldn’t figure out the lanes had been changed, or if they were actually making a statement of protest against the new plan for the street.
    I hope there’s another option beyond stupid or stubborn.

  • DuncansCityRide

    Haha! Fantastic.

  • thelemur

    I bike down Jarvis this morning (I don’t usually ride there because it’s out of my way in terms of my commute). It’s a good width and two lanes each way for cars seems like plenty. I didn’t get the impression that there was much congestion or even indignation. In fact, right at the Jarvis/Mt Pleasant split, there was a southbound driver attempting to pull over into the bike lane and other drivers were giving sustained honks to reprimand him or her. A nice bit of self-policing.