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Torontoist & Waterfront Toronto Want You to Name a New Waterfront Park

At the foot of Sherbourne Street, extending across almost four acres from Lake Shore Boulevard right up to the water, a new public park is being built. Torontoist and Waterfront Toronto want you to choose its name.

By the time both of its two halves are open to the public—the part south of Queens Quay opens this summer, while the north part opens this fall—the park will boast lots of green (with almost two hundred trees), lots of blue (a water channel that runs the length of the park, with Lake Ontario sitting at the park’s southernmost end), a dash of art (three nine-metre-tall sculptures that together compose “Light Showers,” by artist Jill Anholt), and a lot of potential fun for its visitors (two children’s play areas, a pond that in the winter serves as a skating rink). The park’s green in that other way, too: hidden underneath it is a storm water management system, which takes in water, purifies it, and pumps it back out into the lake. Right now, the site is mostly isolated, but over the course of a few years, a community will spring up around the park, with George Brown College, residential buildings, and a whole fleet of Torontonians moving in to the area around it.
Just for now, the park’s name is Sherbourne Park—but that’s a placeholder for something better. That’s where you come in: until May 14, the public can submit their names for the park, right here. After that, a selection committee consisting of representatives from the City; Torontoist; Waterfront Toronto; Great Gulf Homes; Phillips, Farevaag, Smallenberg (PFS); and George Brown will meet to whittle the list of submissions down to about ten finalists. Then, on May 31, it’s back over to you, to vote our list of ten names down to three, and then vote one last time to determine our big winner. On June 16, Toronto finds out the new name for a park that’s worth getting very excited about.
Got an idea for a name? You can get started here.
Photos of the park, taken on April 25, by Remi Carreiro/Torontoist.


  • rek

    No sketches or concept art?

  • David Topping

    Oh yeah there are! They’re all collected on the fancy site that collects submissions.

  • http://undefined rek

    I’m a busy guy, too busy for clicking!

  • W. K. Lis

    Why no sugar maples? There should be sugar maples in a park, at least.

  • http://undefined Peter K

    They’ll probably end up name it after some obscure “city builder” that nobody’s ever heard of. Either that or it will be something that “celebrates our diversity”.
    I think Waterfront Park is as good a name as any.

  • http://undefined AR

    What a stunning park. Waterfront Toronto better not cheapen it. I think the name should evoke something of clear national significance, reflecting our identity. I’m still thinking, but I’d like it to be more than just a notable PM’s name.

  • Peter K

    Well at least Joe Clark Park rhymes!

  • http://undefined ToasterDan

    I actually like Sherbourne Park. Naming it after a major street lends weight to the park, makes it seem like more of a “major” park, which it is. Plus, it’s easy for people to identify with and know what you are talking about which is important in day-to-day conversations.

  • Paul Kishimoto

    Apparently ‘Shirburn’/’Sherborne’/’Sherbourne’ come from the Old English for “clear stream”, which is apt given the architecture.

  • David Topping

    All names are welcome! If there’s a name, or names, you like, submit it.

  • http://undefined Chemmy

    The correct answer here is to name it “Wendel Park”.

  • http://undefined fergus30


  • Pension Plan Puppets

    Bingo. Wendel Park is the only option.

  • http://undefined SkinnyFish

    I agree. Wendel Park is a great name for the park, and a homage to one of the cities most influential and beloved leaders.

  • David Topping
  • http://undefined Chemmy


  • http://undefined JippyCorp

    I believe the name “Wendel Park” is not only original, classy, and necessary.. it’s also awesome.

  • http://undefined joshields11

    This is an awesome idea! Even if the pun is rejected, I think naming it after Wendel Clark makes a lot of sense. Much better than naming it after some random municipal politician that nobody cares about, or after some national hero that already has 1000+ parks named after them.

  • http://undefined Chemmy

    We can agree that everyone living in Toronto who shouldn’t be dragged into an alley and “disposed of” loves Wendel Clark. This is a fact.
    That he doesn’t have a park already named after him is a travesty that we won’t stand for. It’s time for us to vote for WENDEL PARK.

  • http://undefined Chemmy

    Update: the Wendel Park campaign is working on bringing a spokesman on board.
    That spokesman is Wendel Clark.

  • http://undefined Another Good Kingston Boy

    I love the name Wendel Park. It would add so much character to the city to have a park named after such an inspiring Toronto sports figure. Also, I’m sure Brian Burke and MLSE management would be more than happy to donate a statue of Wendel Clark for the grounds as well.

  • http://undefined nhlcheapshot

    Wendel Park – Brilliant! What a great way to continue on the man’s Legend.

  • http://undefined blurr1974

    Wendel Park indeed!

  • http://undefined MapleLeafMole

    Wendel Park is a fantastic name

  • http://undefined dnfm

    I too vote for Wendel Park. On one condition. It’s pronounced properly: WEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLL!

  • http://undefined WendelMadeMe

    I’m casting my vote for: Wendel Park
    It’s cool, hip and the kids say it’s real “jive”

  • http://undefined 6rick6

    Wendel Park. It has to be.

  • http://undefined Jeff

    Another for Wendel Bark.

  • http://undefined Jeff

    Park, whoops. Saw someone misspell it as Bark on twitter, then went to do it myself while thinking of said typo. Fail and a half.

  • http://undefined daoust


  • http://undefined sughiaccio

    Wendel Park is the obvious choice.

  • http://undefined Jerros

    Wendel Park. great idea.

  • http://undefined Ken

    Wendel Park FTW. Absolutely everybody will love it and you could put up a statue of Wendel punching somebody’s blood out.

  • http://undefined BlindSight

    Wendel Park is the way to go. No better way to show Toronto’s sense of community and love for Hockey!

  • http://undefined Say Plan the Parade

    I registered here just to vote for Wendel Park
    It would be a crime against Humanity itself if this name is not picked.
    And Wendel will punch you, hard.

  • http://undefined stucky1

    I believe Toronto needs to do more to recognize the enormous contribution to its culture that sport and its famous figures have made. And what better way than to honour one of its most beloved athletes?
    That’s why this park needs to be renamed Wendel Park.
    That, and the name is just awesome!

  • http://undefined Ed

    Until there’s another airport or expressway that needs a name, this is the most fitting tribute to a great Torontonian. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  • http://undefined LisaM

    just wanted to add that I thought it was great that Wendel Clark tweeted about this earlier today…

  • http://undefined 1967ers

    Wendel Park is the best name I have heard suggested for anything in years. Years!!! It must be done. It’s a moral imperative.

  • http://undefined ThePhil

    Wendel. Park.
    The debate is over people. Go home. Nothing else to see here.

  • http://undefined Darien

    Another vote for Wendel Park.

  • http://undefined shaluman

    Voting for Wendel Park.

  • http://undefined the_yellow_dart

    I have to admit, I didn’t get the pun until I went to the link.
    I said I didn’t give a **** about hockey (and you never saw someone say that before) :)

  • Robert Ruggiero

    It’s city policy not to name things after people who are still alive. That applies to Wendel Clark.
    Any other suggestions?

  • http://undefined fergus30

    Hi Robert
    I don’t quite believe you.

  • Pension Plan Puppets

    What are you a communist? Mel Lastman’s still alive and he has his own square and he didn’t do one tenth of what Wendel did for Toronto.
    This entire process is suspect.