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A First Peek at Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

20100108pilgrim2.jpg 20100108pilgrim.jpg
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is without a doubt the film which we’re most looking forward to. Compared to the unremarkable Hollywood flicks we usually see in Reel Toronto, it is virtually a Platonic Ideal.
Slashfilm scored the first official stills from the much-anticipated film, which has been getting great buzz already from the likes of Jason Reitman. The first shot (at top, above) has a bunch of cast members in it but who cares about that? Far more exciting is that it takes place in their eerily faithful recreation of 1990s-era Lee’s Palace. The second shot (at top, below), apparently from the battle in the finale, was done on a sound-stage—almost certainly Pinewood, formerly known as Filmport.

We’ll have to see how the film turns out, but for those who don’t know, the books are about loveable slacker Scott Pilgrim and his relationship problems. More specifically, he finds himself falling for Ramona Flowers but must battle her seven ex-boyfriends to win her love. Everything suddenly breaks from reality into these awesome video game–style battles (one is on the Casa Loma steps), and the fact that Cera is wielding some kind of lightsaber here gives us hope they know just what they’re doing.
If you don’t understand why we’re so excited, realize that Scott Pilgrim is set in Toronto, filmed in Toronto, and based on graphic novels by a dude from Toronto. Sloan’s Chris Murphy coached the kids on how to look like they’re in a band, and Metric and Broken Social Scene are among those providing the soundtrack.
If that’s not good enough (and it is, children!), you also have that the film is directed by the super-cool Edgar Wright, who hosted a film festival when he was here filming, and that it has a great cast including Michael Cera (from Brampton, but close enough), Brandon Routh, and Jason Schwartzman (who you can see atop the pyramid in that one shot). Wright has also promised that the Lee’s Palace mural, lost to progress and burritos, is preserved on celluloid.
We eagerly followed the shoot while it was happening, and while there’s no official North American release date yet, the United Kingdom is getting it in August—so we’re almost ready.


  • http://undefined mikeyteeth

    hate to be a nit picker but the Scott Pilgrim saga take place in the early 00s not the 90s, and wouldn’t the Lee’s Palace recreation thusly be 00s-era?

  • http://undefined Chris

    Wait, Jason Schwartzman is playing Gideon? That just made my day.
    I’m shocked at how accurate those characters look, not to mention how much they look like everyone I knew in 2004.

  • http://undefined Jessica

    I was an extra on Scott Pilgrim. FYI, the bottom set was in a studio at Cinespace, not Pinewood.

  • http://undefined Robsonian

    really, how often do you think the interior of Lee’s Palace gets refurbished?
    Thank you.

  • http://undefined rek

    Is it really a recreation of Lee’s? I haven’t read the article yet, but I saw them shooting inside Lee’s at least one night last spring.

  • David Topping

    mikeyteeth, Jessica, rek: we’re in the midst of double- and triple-checking all of that now.

  • David Fleischer

    Hi all – Sorry for being a bit late to the game but you did send me back to double-check my research and as far as I can tell neither thing is a mistake.
    There is some ambiguity in my language about Lee’s Palace, so I’ll clear that up first. Yes, they did really shoot at the club. Lee’s underwent a renovation (in 2004-05, says Wikipedia) that moved the bar away from the centre of the floor but that’s where it remains in my memory and in the Pilgrim books.
    Edgar Wright posted on his Twitter feed that they put the bar back there and recreated the pre-reno look for the shoot.
    And the books do indeed take place in the early part of this century; it’s just that I tend to think of “pre-reno” Lee’s Palace as “mid-90s” Lee’s Palace because I’m that old, so sorry about that.
    The film definitely shot at Pinewood and we have confirmation that the scene was shot at a studio on Commissioners (where Pinewood is) so while it’s certainly possible some bits were done at other studios too, we think we’re right on this one.

  • http://undefined Jessica

    Some scenes were shot at Pinewood, but that particularly set and scene was definitely shot at Cinespace, at Booth Ave./Lakeshore.

  • http://undefined Jessica

    *sorry for the typo “that particular set”, rather

  • Jonathan Goldsbie

    The Star had made it sound like they built the Lee’s set from scratch.

  • Ashley Carter

    They definitely did. I heard the only thing that isn’t faithful to the OG Lee’s Palace is that they had to change the colour of the walls so they wouldn’t look wonky on film.