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All Drink!

Photo by kalleboo.

For a while, it looked like the furry little critters inhabiting Toronto’s waste-addled sidewalks and gutters were the only ones getting a break this week. It’s bad enough to have the trash piling up in the city’s green spaces, themselves untended for the duration of CUPE local 79 and 416′s labour action; it’s worse that there’s such incensed, heat wave–crazy rage that motorists are taking it out on the picketers with their cars. But then we caught wind that the LCBO—our sweet, sweet LCBO—would throw down as well, possibly walking off the job this morning at 12:01 a.m. You can take our services, you can pollute our streets, you can thicken the bouquet of an already fragrant Queen West, but our booze? We’re lucky the frenzied, last-possible-second shoppers at Queen’s Quay and elsewhere didn’t riot yesterday.
To the relief of sweltering Ontarians, however, the LCBO’s much-dreaded strike—for now, at least—has been averted, thanks to a tentative deal reached between the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU). Contesting the lack of benefits for casual workers, who comprise 60% of the LCBO’s seven thousand employees, the union announced earlier today that talks would continue, while this afternoon’s deal ensures that the province’s 608 LCBO stores will remain open.
So drink ‘em if you’ve got ‘em. And if you were a bit more intrepid in your survival plan, it’s probably safe to drain the homemade gin out of your bathtub.


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  • http://undefined Easy Writer

    Man I love the LCBO.
    Having lived in the US of A (Michigan and Illinois for a couple of years), I can tell you that indy liquor stores suck compared to the LickBo.
    The irony is that the “free market” in the US always almost results in a a race for the bottom by selling absolute garbage everywhere. It’s harder in the US to get the reliable selection you find by walking into any LCBO. And when you do find premium liquor, it’ll actually be more expensive due to price gouging.

  • http://undefined mister j

    A set up like Quebec’s might then be best, with gov’t run SAQ (Quebec’s LCBO) selling the fancier stuff. And I found the selection at the Provigo pretty decent, lots of premium and microbrewed beer.
    And I’m glad to see someone else calls it the LickBo!

  • http://undefined Skippy the Magical Racegoat

    Even if they don’t do a terrible job, there’s no justification for allowing the government to have a near-monopoly on a commodity like liquor.
    My experience with boutique shops in the U.S.A. (including Michigan and Illinois — are you kidding me?) was that they have far better selection, prices and availability than we have here.
    EDIT: Er, I mean, I love Big Brother and his vodka rations are more than adequate.

  • http://undefined Gauldar

    Looks like they came to an agreement.–lcbo-union-continue-talks-liquor-store-shelves-remain-barren
    But man, they are looking at one days sales at the LCBO of up to $60 mill! We are such boozers! PAR-TAY!