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Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Extras

The news that they’re filming the Scott Pilgrim film in Toronto now has more immediate relevance than simple pride that a locally shot film will actually be set here, with the casting call for extras now open. If you’ve ever wanted to be brutally judged against the hipster ideal, now is your chance, with the Craigslist listing asking for performers “18 to 27 years old (up to 29 years if you have a youthful look)” that can “pull of [sic] an INDIE ROCK LOOK!” and have “slim, skinny builds with interesting faces and looks.” Positively, they do note “hundreds of people are needed,” though we’re sure competition will be tough enough that it will be difficult to even reach the go-see stage. Still interested? Check the listing for full instructions, and if you already think you’re out of luck, remember you can pick up the latest volume of the comic—Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe—at all good comic shops starting tomorrow. (via radiomaru.)


  • http://undefined lunarworks

    Dammit, I’m just above the age cut-off. (30.)

  • Jonathan Goldsbie

    Melissa Lee Talent Agency Inc. is urgently looking for…performers…to work on the feature film. The name is to be announced.
    The movie is based on a graphic novel…
    In the subject bar put: Scott

    Given that the film’s title has been official for awhile now, does “the name is to be announced” means that, for contractual or other reasons, the agency is not supposed to explicitly reveal what movie they’re doing the casting for?
    It’s such an oddly-written ad… either it assumes we’re too stupid to put two and two together, or it wants us to put two and two together.

  • http://null ked

    Also worth mentioning that the creator of the books tweeted the link to the listing.

  • Mathew Kumar

    Yes, this is completely correct. My apologies to Bryan Lee O’Malley.

  • Roxanne Bielskis

    Okay, is nobody else offended by the “no fat chicks” order? WTF?

  • http://undefined Roxanne Bielskis

    (or fat dudes? Perhaps just “no fatties”?)

  • Mathew Kumar

    via Radiomaru again – “About the extras casting call from earlier: Edgar says all body types welcome, not just skinny hipsters. We didn’t write the ad.”

  • http://undefined Roxanne Bielskis

    Who did, then? What an effed up thing to just toss in there thoughtlessly.

  • http://null Svend

    I see the craigslist ad has been flagged and removed.

  • http://null misskitty_79

    I was just coming to say the same thing! :)