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TTC Not Essential, Plastics Recycling Somewhat Essential, Chinese Athletes Essentially Cheating

The TTC management and its workers’ union have agreed that the TTC is not an essential service. However, they are saying this not because they are saying, “Yes, we are useless,” but because they both want to avoid contract arbitration. However, since management wants to pay workers less than they would receive through contract arbitration, and the union wants workers to get more than they would receive through contract arbitration, one side or the other has really, really not thought this whole thing through.
Ontario’s information and privacy commissioner wants high school and university students to understand how dangerous revealing information about themselves online on Facebook can be. Torontoist understands this fact extremely well, and that is why we never discuss our monthly goat mutilation orgies in public.
The plastics industry says Toronto isn’t recycling enough plastic. The plastics industry went on to say that Toronto’s plan to cut plastic use in the city is troubling and worrisome. “Doesn’t everybody like plastic?” said a spokesperson. “After all, without plastic, there would be no Plastic Man. You like Plastic Man, right?”
Finally, the International Olympics Committee says it’s investigating claims of underage Chinese gymnasts. Now, obviously, Chinese gymnasts are all, like, twelve. But, since this is the IOC we’re talking about, we’ll give you a sneak preview of next week’s news: “IOC Says ‘China’s Not Cheating’ While Walking Away With Large, Overstuffed Bags Filled With Money.”
Photo by Metrix X from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.