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Citizen Clean

Photo by Marc Lostracco
Alert the Commissioner—the Good Night Bandit has struck again! Some downtown residents awoke to a less unsightly landscape this morning, thanks to this anonymous do-gooder, who collected much of the detritus left behind after the disappearance of the trash-ridden snowbanks.
As if to underscore the benevolent message left by this stealthy stranger, a used condom lay on the sidewalk directly below this sign. Litterbugs: sleep with one eye open, for the Good Night Bandit lurks under the cover of darkness in the dusty crannies of our fair city.
Photo by Marc Lostracco.


  • Rachel Lissner

    Hey, this post is just in time for The Twenty Minute Toronto Makeover!

  • Robsonian

    Eep. Methinks Sir Gawain the Good Grammar Knight may need to ride out one last time. Together the Good Night Bandit and the Good Grammar Knight will surely be a powerful force for a greater good.

  • MariaPD

    I agree with #2, the Good Night Bandit should learn a bit about punctuation and capitalization.

  • Apricot

    The uncertain grammer and sentence structure makes the sign somehow more arresting than if it was written correctly. It has a sincerity and urgency this way.

  • Green Sulfur

    @2 & 3: It takes an ass of enormous proportion to highlight a volunteer’s grammatical errors. You don’t need an English degree to make a neighbourhood more livable.

  • x_the_x

    You need an English degree to understand grammar?

  • David Topping

    Yes, boo to the nice friendly gentleman cleaning up a neighbourhood’s streets for free and kindly asking the rest of the residents to follow his lead! How dare he do so without first brushing up on proper semi-colon and em dash usage?

  • tripper

    Indeed. Only well-educated people with a good grasp of grammar and punctuation should be allowed to clean up a neighbourhood in the dead of night.
    Bet he dresses funny too.

  • spacejack

    I wonder if this is the same guy I talked on the patio of the Drake last fall. He regularly cleans up neighbourhoods, carrying a garbage bag and one of those garbage grabber tools (sorry, my ignorance is showing.) I think he also wears a sign on his back to help explain what he’s doing.
    He’ll take donations from anyone who appreciates his work. I was glad to give him some change to show support.

  • tripper

    Is that the same guy who dresses like a hotel porter?

  • DaveH

    Pretentious and pedantic.

  • McEVIL

    Penultimate and persnickety.

  • rapi

    wonder if this is rob ford in disguise…or maybe mayor miller feeling guilty that he raised taxes without giving anything in return…for the high amount of taxes that we pay i think the city should hire 5000 good night bandits to spring clean the streets….no grammar test to qualify, either

  • AR

    That’s just inspiring. I love clean neighbourhoods, but it’s the altruism here that’s beautiful.

  • good night bandit updates

    The good night bandit from 2008 is now going on 7 years this year I know I dont clean much at night any more since the news lets the bad people know I worked A loan I had to cheange it just to be on the safe side . starting may 7 2013 every tuesdays and thursdays all donations will be going to help people living with HIV and AIDS now I never ask people for money but there all ways happy to give there pocket change I will be kicking this off from the 519 park working along church street all change will be going to PWA &ACT in Toronto more post and updates youtube good night bandit 2008. ( when I came up with the bandit name I was thinking of the racons because they go after garbage I’m not like the other bandits that only care to hurt others I care about helping others
    this is my new logo for bandit