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TTC Wants To Redesign; Ontario Budget Released; And Just Wait Till Next Year, Boston!

neonsubway.jpgTTC does end-run around Toronto Preservation Board. The TTC wants the right to redesign 63 of its 69 stations. Heh. We have 69 TTC stations. Never noticed that before. Heh.
Ontario budget released. The budget contains small business tax cuts (not as large as Jim Flaherty would like) and small amounts of additional spending on infrastructure in public service (not as much as Howard Hampton would like). In short, it is the classic Liberal budget that will piss off pretty much everybody.
Large chunk of Antarctic ice shelf collapses into ocean. The chunk of the Wilkins ice shelf, previously not expected to collapse fully into the ocean for another fifteen years, was about the size of Manhattan. Luckily, John Baird pointed out that Antarctica is like, on the other side of the world, so we don’t have to worry about it.
City’s weather fund takes a hit so that the residential property tax hike stays below 3.75 percent. So that’s less money for snow clearing. On the bright side, more “oh I couldn’t possibly make it to work” snow days next year!
First “Toronto 18″ trial commences. The plans of the accused—a youth—included storming Parliament Hill and beheading politicians. This happened right after the aliens with space lasers attacked, but before Lord Voldemort returned with the Death Eaters to kill Jack Layton.
And finally, there’s not gonna be any playoffs for the Leafs this year, looks like.
Photo by Metrix X from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.


  • dowlingm

    Because the snow clearing budget is something we should be cutting!
    If our councillors hadn’t rushed to give away 1.5 million before the final budget was ready, ( ) the cut wouldn’t have been as deep.

  • Gloria

    Gotta try harder, Bird. Your boss David Topping did a photo series on 69 TTC stations.

  • EricSmith

    TTC: Sure, we can barely keep the subway stations together, but it’d be so much easier if they all had gimmicky makeovers.
    Provincial Budget: Canada’s New Government is committed to transparency, so Jim Flaherty is making a completely transparent play for John Tory’s job.
    Antarctica: Glaciers move too slowly. Canada’s New Government is committed to making things faster and more efficient.
    City Budget: “Rahr, rahr, my high taxes, rahr, rahr, run it like a business, rahr, r… hey, why isn’t anyone ploughing my street?”