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Rae Victorious, Bus Fans Victorious, Raptors Not Quite So Victorious

tindalandrae.jpgBob Rae and Martha Hall-Findlay win seats for the Liberals in federal by-elections. Downside: oh, God, Bob Rae. Upside: commenters will have to wait until the next federal election to bitch and moan about Torontoist contributor and Green Party candidate Chris Tindal’s column (Chris finished in third place, with only thirty-six fewer votes than NDP candidate El-Farouk Khaki in the Toronto Centre riding).
Ottawa to give Toronto $303 million to buy hybrid buses. The catch is that now voters in Davenport and Trinity-Spadina have to, quote, “give the Tories at least a fighting chance” or they will take the buses away and give them to Alberta instead.
Teenager creates website devoted to “studying.” Evgeny Kalashnikov created his website, where students can anonymously “swap homework tips” as a response to the potential expulsion of Chris Avenir. Students were excited about the opportunity to “study” with other “students” from all over “Ontario.”
Toronto man arrested in B.C. for allegedly raising funds for the Tamil Tigers. The Sri Lankan Tigers are considered a terrorist group by the federal government, but the individual’s defence is that he met them at a social function and was very impressed with their good manners.
And although the Raptors wore special green uniforms for St. Patrick’s Day, they still lost to the Jazz last night, which just goes to show you that leprechauns hate Toronto.
Photo by Shaun Merritt from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.


  • David E

    Toronto Centre is my riding and I watched the results last night and saw that Chris Tindal was in second for the longest time! I was hoping that he’d stay there but there was an influx of NDP votes. Nonetheless, the fact that Chris has done so well should make the other parties sit up and take notice.
    Too bad we don’t have proportional representation yet. That’s how the Green Party won its first seats in the German Reichstag.
    Now look where they are!

  • greatcop

    The Raptors lost to the Raptors?
    Well, I guess based on the way they’ve been playing without Bosh, that doesn’t even surprise me….

  • Mark Ostler

    The German parliament is called the Bundestag. The Reichstag is just the building where the meet, but only since 1999 (and before 1933). The German greens won their first seats before the Reichstag starting housing parliament again.
    Are you sure the Raptors lost to the Raptors?

  • Marc Lostracco

    Raptors paragraph fixed.

  • David E

    Thank you for the helpful clarification.
    It isn’t always something in the forefront of
    my mind and a gentle reminder is always welcome.
    If I used the terms more frequently, I’d not
    have made the error.
    Once again, thank you.

  • warmflash

    It’s amazing how these guys who have never had a job — Norma Bob Rae was a labor lawyer of no particular achievement for a brief time — get themselves elected.
    Perhaps Norma Bob’s greatest professional achievement was marrying homely millionaire heiress, Arlene Perly Rae. ( She comes from a publishing dynasty. )
    The only good news to come from this bi-election is this. Dion, Rae and Iggy despise one and other. So if nothing else, it’ll be keen to watch the fur fly.
    Once again, Toronto gets what it deserves. The blind life-long love affair with Liberals guarantees a higher level of mediocrity than before.
    I was so hoping our Green Candidate would win this.

  • n0wak

    The NDP needs to stop campaigning in Toronto; they’re splitting the damned Green vote. …

  • warmflash

    The NDP should close it’s doors for good. They split every vote and there’s not a hope in hell for them.

  • rek

    David Suzuki for prime minister!

  • Mark Ostler

    “The NDP needs to stop campaigning in Toronto; they’re splitting the damned Green vote. …”
    “The NDP should close it’s doors for good. They split every vote and there’s not a hope in hell for them.”
    Go democracy!

  • n0wak

    Indeed. My comment was a tongue-in-cheek response to the “Green is taking votes away from X” comments that I’ve seen (and the comment that is often associated with Nader s.o.t.b.)

  • Mark Ostler

    Understood. Apologies.

  • digitaldler

    Well congrats for not being expelled…
    I understand the teacher didn’t want kids doing homework assignments together, but I still think that is wrong in itself. Isn’t the purpose of higher education to collaborate and learn? See what happens if you limit the interactivity of peers at a high-level research university…instantly it becomes not to research-oriented or as successful a place to learn as before.
    Shouldn’t the teacher be reprimanded for hindering the ability of fertile and free-thinking academic minds to collaborate and learn and progress the ways in which they best see fit?
    Tell the world what you think…you know where I stand.