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Dalton Supports Dangerous Drivers, Helpful Teacher Arrested, Another Huge Condo

Premier Dalton McGuinty says that he is not prepared to follow Quebec’s example and ban cell phone use while driving, in spite of studies showing that the practice is more dangerous than driving drunk. McGuinty said that “some people also distract themselves by drinking coffee, eating and applying makeup while driving” and he wouldn’t know where to draw the line. Because if you can’t stop one stupid and extremely dangerous practice, there’s no point in stopping any of them.
A Brampton teacher has been charged with sexual assault amid allegations of sexually-related online conversations with a 16-year-old-male student. The teacher is described by contributors to the site as “pretty funny & VERY VERY helpfull,” although she receives only a 3.8 out of 5 for “easiness.”
Who says provincial agencies have too much time on their hands? The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has launched a legal appeal to reverse its own decision granting a liquor license to Peter Gatien’s mega-club CiRCA. Should the appeal be approved, it is expected that AGCO will issue CiRCA another license and then try to revoke it.
Developer Canderel Stoneridge has announced plans to build Canada’s tallest condo tower at the corner of Yonge and Gerrard Streets. Immediately following the announcement, real estate agents and speculators began congregating at the corner and forming lines stretching for blocks in every direction.
Massive inflatable home run king Barry Bonds has been indicted by a U.S. grand jury on charges that he lied under oath when he said he had never used steroids. Upon being informed of the charges, Bonds reaffirmed his innocence and then hurled a garbage truck into San Francisco Bay.
Photo by jamacdonald from Flickr.


  • uskyscraper

    Yee-haw, bring on the return of the tall buildings. Finally! No more vistas of surface parking lots and unfinished Bay-Adelaide stumps. Downtown is back.

  • andrew

    Not going to be much park left in College Park. I wonder where all these people who are moving into the Residence towers are going to shop for groceries? The Dominions under College Park? Apparently the Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens may not be built, or is at least experiencing significant delays as Weston reorgs his business with bad Q1 results. What will this mean for that dingy strip of adult stores, atrisk youth shelters, electronics stores, and greasy pizza parlours on Yonge? Will Pride be able to amble by that corner still? Will this mean even longer lines at the Tim Horton’s in the morning? Just how dense can this block get? What about the two other towers going up on Bay within blocks – one right across from the Residences and another at Grosvenor? Is the infrastructure [the soft infrastructure, maybe] in place to provide for all these people? Again, the groceries within walking distance, places to get furniture and household decoration, increased Bay St bus service, maybe some bike lanes on Bay, and the like.