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Go Vote, Just Like The Newfies Did, And We’re Building A Lot Of Condos

votebutt.jpgIt’s election day today! So go vote. If you don’t vote, nobody will ever truly love you and you will die alone and unmourned. This is a statistical fact.
In further Ontario election news, the party leaders all make their final claims as to why you should vote for their party here, and none of them make the argument that they deserve your vote for being the whitest guy in Ontario, because all of them are tied.
In other election news, Danny Williams and the Progressive Conservatives thump the Liberals in Newfoundland’s provincial election but hard. (Insert stereotypical joke about twee Newfoundlander fishermen here. Use of “I’s The Bye That Rocks The Boat” optional.)
Condo building in Toronto is really intense. In other news: Pope still Catholic, Lance Bass still gay, Blue Jays still not in playoffs.
Kiefer Sutherland gets 48 days in jail for drunk driving. Luckily, it will all play out in real time and Sutherland’s lawyers successfully plea-bargained for a little machine going “boop, BEEP, boop, BEEP” in the background.
And the Leafs were absolutely humiliated by the Carolina Hurricanes last night. Carolina scored seven goals. Torontoist repeats: seven goals. What the hell, Leafs.
Photo by raisecain from the Torontoist Flickr pool.


  • Ben

    You should have saved that ‘pope still catholic’ stuff for the leafs story. They suck; get over it.

  • greatcop

    I’m all electioned out, having moved from St. John’s to Toronto in July.
    I should mention that I did vote today in my new home province, but all I had to do was fill out an application to be added to the voter list. I had brought my passport, lease agreement and temporary Ontario license, but the electoral officer didn’t ask for any of it….am I wrong in thinking that the procedure (or lack there of) is a little ridiculous?
    I could have filled out my application as Mickey Mouse for all the officer knew, he just quickly signed the boxes he had to sign, handed me my ballots, and off I went behind the voter’s screen.

  • matty

    The condo article you listed says nothing about Toronto.