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Warren Kinsella Rags on the Rags

Warren Kinsella has a diatribe in today’s Post (that’s National, not Midtown) about trashy celeb magazines. Their circulation is up, Time’s circulation is down, more people care about P. Diddy than national politics, yada yada yada. At the end he encourages us to “pick up quite a few more copies of The Economist and U.S. News and World Report. And the National Post, naturally.”
Right. So since Kinsella seems to consider the Post totally above this lowbrow obsession with celebrity, we thought we’d scour the Post‘s pages (let’s be real, the website) to see if we could find any celeb content hiding under all that hard news coverage.
For starters, there’s Shinan Govani’s column about Paris Hilton, and then there’s something called the POP!arazzi Star Sightings Gallery. And there are a few major headlines about Tobey Maguire’s wedding, Ryan Seacrest, and the like.
Sounds about right. Just checking.
Photo by .zoe from Flickr.


  • guest

    So Kinsella has been completely discredited because god-forbid the Post should have some light-hearted fare amongst its reportings on world events. So now we’ll all go back to celeb worshipping. Bravo, great article… anything to bash the Post, eh?
    By the way, I never read the Post, but this is just trying too hard.

  • rek

    Celebrity worship is vapid and pointless; devoting column space to it means cutting space from real news of local and global significance. They should be bashed for that reason alone. And it’s a growing trend: American TV news has nearly replaced anything that doesn’t induce fear with ‘news’ about the private lives of actors. If you want light-hearted fare, pick up a copy of Archie or something.

  • guest

    Celbrity worship is vapid and pointless, true. The occasional gossip, picture from an event where everyone is in pretty dresses is something that everyone enjoys indulging in every once in a while. There is nothing wrong with balancing it out with ‘real’ news every once in a while, but its importance in relation to the importance of actual news should be delineated, most newspapers stick that stuff in their ‘Entertainment’ section. Moreover a newspaper has the luxury of reporting on such frivolity because it has lots of space, as opposed to say the evening news, which has to pack all the news into 30 minutes. In that case certainly when American TV news reports on some clebrity gossip there is no doubt that they are probably taking away time from reporting on something important.
    Basically, I’m saying balance. We don’t want to be inundated with bad, depressing news and nothing else just for the sake of saying we’re serious and intellectual but nor do we need magazines like US Weekly or Life + Style or shows like E!. Entertainment reporting is entertainment and should be kept within that realm.
    And I still agree with Kinsella, despite his newspapers nefarious association with entertainment news.