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Taxis Ticked, Toys Toxic, Taxman Taketh

Hundreds of taxis disrupted city streets yesterday, driving erratically through downtown Toronto, flouting traffic laws, and honking their horns randomly. Subsequently, many of the drivers also participated in a protest against bylaws which limit Pearson pickups to licensed airport limos.
More toys manufactured in China have been recalled in North America because they contain dangerous levels of lead. Parents who have purchased the “Eat-Me Play Pencil” or “Old-Fashioned Paint Beverage” toys are being urged to return them to their place of purchase immediately.
The Canada Revenue Agency has won a court order requiring e-Bay Canada to turn over personal information about high-volume sellers on the popular auction site. Individuals found to have earned undeclared income will be declared “PowerTaxEvaders” and sent to ePrison.
In the face of intense public pressure, City Council has agreed to reopen Toronto community centres on Mondays. However, most programs requiring registration will not be reinstated, so about half the 400,000 people who use the centres on Mondays are out of luck. The combative Mayor and Council declared themselves pleased at having finally found a solution that neither saves money nor services the community.
Photo by iwagg from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.