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Illustration Sunday: Sheppard, We Hardly Knew You

Mayor Mel was there for the opening, and Mayor Miller was here this week when news broke about the possible closing of the Sheppard subway line. Even the thought that a subway line could be retired within six years of opening is crazy. Torontoist feels the need to visit the Sheppard line and see the cool art that exists in the stations, before it becomes a Leon’s.
Illustration by Kevin McBride.


  • Kevin Bracken

    I have had the pleasure of riding this stubway. I must say, I like the interiors of the stations, with their high ceilings, art and centre platforms.
    Also, you can take it to parties under bridges.

  • richelle

    …soon the city will be world renown for it’s innumerable and generic box stores.
    hilarious illustration kev!

  • guest

    love it!

  • guest

    Politicians should be liable in criminal court for their decisions; or at least in civil court. Wouldn’t fix this problem, but it would be nice to see Mike and Mel financially ruined. Or maybe politicians should be forced to use nothing but transit, and wait in the same emergency rooms we do, after having the same lack of connections many do, who want a family doctor. If a ‘ruling class’ has services no better than the population’s average (including education for their children) you can bet we’d have the country we should.
    But I guess I am a dangerous radical.