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Hey, It’s Better Than McDonald’s

In a promotion ingeniously titled…uh…”Harvey’s Hamburger Day,” head into your local Harvey’s on Sunday between 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for a free Original Hamburger. Or, if you’re really eager, you can confirm your attendance on Facebook. There are, it appears, no vegetarian or vegan alternatives, but odds are that if you’re a vegetarian you were probably never really that big on Harvey’s in the first place.
Photo by Crime Photography. Thanks to blogUT for the tip!


  • Kelly

    Hooker Harvey’s is sure gonna be busy tomorrow!

  • Tom

    Hey, Harvey’s actually has a great veggie burger. My wife gets it all the time and she’s convinced Harvey’s has the best veggie burger in the city.

  • james a

    I was just gonna say that. Harvey’s actually had an amazing veggie burger long before any of the other chains did, it’s really tasty.. They’re not particularly nutritious though.

  • Ryan

    I don’t think a burger, veggie or otherwise is supposed to be nutritious. I think that’s where a lot of chains screw up. Trying to get it as healthy as possible and ending up with something that tastes like sawdust.

  • Kilobomb

    How long are these people willing to wait in line for a free $2 burger?
    my senses tell me like with most freebie promotions people will wine and complain about the line but will enjoy their free burger commenting as they eat ‘not bad for the price!”….
    When Pizza Nova had their charity day offering $4.99 pizzas people were waiting in the store for 2hours for their pizza…2 HOURS!!… is that worth saving 8 bucks on two pizzas?…apparently it is to some.

  • David Topping

    I’m anxiously waiting for Mandarin to do their “free food all day Canada Day” thing. (And sorry to you vegetarians — I totally didn’t know that Harvey’s once made a mean veggie burger.)