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The Golden Dogs: In The Backseat Of Their Car

Torontoist caught-up with Dave Azzolini and Jess Grassia of The Golden Dogs recently. Having finished a radio interview, they were rushing to pick up the rest of the band and proceed to The Docks for 2007 Indie Awards. Torontoist interviewed them in their van as all this happened&#8212because such is Canadian Music Week. (And apparently we enjoy bands and their vans.)
The Golden Dogs play Horseshoe Tavern tonight at 12 p.m. Tickets are $8 at the door.

(We apologize if the occasional lack of camera focus and the abundant coloured lights are distracting—if it helps, just pretend it’s being shot by Michel Gondry and that either Dave or Jess or Cal are having someone else in the car Eternal Sunshine‘d from their memory. Not that The Golden Dogs would ever do that—they’re good people.)