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Suzuki Says, Air Canada Snubs India, An Urban Valentine, Cold FX Gets Approved

David Suzuki, Green Avenger and Captain of Awesome, says that Torontonians have the right to know what pollutants are in the air we’re breathing. 75% of the industrial pollution in our urban air is not being disclosed to the public! Save us, Suzuki!
Air Canada is no longer flying to India, a move which business leaders around the city say will harm Indo-Canadian business relationships. Services to India were cancelled to boost service to China, with Air Canada now offering 5 non-stop trips to Shanghai and Beijing each day. Come now, could not one of those little 767s make a detour to the subcontinent once in a while?
Keith Urban played some kind of secret country music show at the Mod Club on Valentine’s Day. Who knew Nicole Kidman’s husband was a musician!?
Stephen Harper attacks Stéphane Dion for being “soft on terrorism.” Dion attacks Harper for being a total douche.
CBC President Robert Rabinovitch calls the CTF an “essential pillar” of Canadian television, after Shaw and Videotron cable withdrew their support from the fund. Their withdrawal could mean the cancellation of your favourite Canadian television shows like…Little Mosque on the Prairie or…you know…that other show that’s just like it, except without the Islam.
Cold FX: it actually works, says Health Canada. I KNEW Don Cherry couldn’t be wrong!

Photo courtesy of Kevin In Canada on Flickr.