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MySpace Presents Frank Miller’s 300

Whatcha doing on Wednesday? Wanna see a movie for free? Will you be my best friend for tickets?
MySpace is showing Frank Miller’s 300 at the Scotiabank Theatre on Wednesday, February 21 at 6:30 PM as part of their Black Curtain Screenings. All you have to do is prove that “Black Curtain” is in your top friends. It’s being touted as “the most exclusive experience in movie history,” because the concept of a free movie screening has never been thought of before.
Or you can keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities to see this stylish epic on the cheap — rumour has it that there will be a free screening of 300 sometime soon on U of T campus. And the only thing more satisfying than watching brutish men kick the crap out of each other is watching for free.


  • Steve

    “History by Hollywood”. I wonder if they’ll show the Spartan’s rubbing down each other’s bodies with olive oil and combing each other’s hair before battle.Probably not.
    Nice that Gerard Butler is in it, he starred in the very cool “Beowulf & Grendel” movie. He was like a heavy-metal lead singer Beowulf. “So I told the people of Geatland, (booo) that the Danes are some wild and crazy, partying mutha-f**kers, (yeahhhhh) Lemme hear ya scream, Daneland Meadows Arena!!?”