The Daily Photoist: 27065-downtownauto


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The Daily Photoist: 27065-downtownauto

Each weekday morning, we pick a recent image from the Torontoist Flickr Pool and feature it here on the site. It’s our way to give the many excellent photographers in our pool the attention they deserve!
Taking photographs is often about exploring the world around you — whether it’s snaps on vacation or checking out somewhere you’re not supposed to be. There’s something thrilling about capturing forbidden virgin terrain. Many Toronto photographers earn their trespassing stripes at the Don Valley Brickworks or Whitby Psychiatric. (Based on the plethora of photos of each location, it appears that a visit to these sight is a de facto requirement to calling yourself a “Toronto photographer.”)
Here, Flickr Pool member matthewpiers (Matthew Robertson) explores the uncharted terrain of an abandoned auto body shop. But it’s not all fun and games. As he comments on his blog, “I spent an hour and a half walking over broken glass, and only realized just how dangerous [it] really was when I was reviewing the photos. Like with everything photographic, my hindsight is better than my execution.”