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Hug Day in Toronto

2007_01_26HugDay.jpgWhile we vehemently disagree, many people believe Torontonians to be an unfriendly bunch: impossible to approach, quick to end conversations with strangers and constantly averting their eyes. This has been the motivation for a number of excellent projects like Loosen Up Toronto and a recent free hug event on Yonge Street, inspired by the original Free Hugs Campaign by Juan Mann.
Toronto just can’t get enough of the meme that keeps on giving, however: a mysterious group calling themselves the Toronto Hug Coalition (THC) has pushed the envelope one step further and is making a massive event out of it in Toronto’s living room, Nathan Phillips Square. Inspired by their spontaneous free hugs at Nuit Blanche, this event will feature the “official hug man”.

“Torontonians from of all walks of life are invited to spontaneously hug by the thousands at 3 pm at Nathan Phillips Square. Candy pop band The Bicycles will be on stage and at 3 and will ask for a mass hug.”

Hug you there?


  • Steve

    Wow, this sounds seriously lame, though perhaps worth attending just to make fun of people.

  • Chris

    Sounds like someone needs a hug! C’mere, ya big lug!

  • Gloria

    No; I think this calls for HUGGLES!

  • Carrie

    The Bicycles and hugs…why does this not surprise me at all.

  • Karen

    Oh come on, I just wanted to see The Bicycles. Now I’ve got to hug a bunch of people?

  • Gary C

    We should be impressed at Kevin’s journalistic integrity,
    reporting it as a “real” event without even a single
    wink of sarcasm, and without making fun of their incredible trainwreck of a poster.

  • Donovan

    What’s with the crankers!?
    It actually doesn’t sound so bad.
    I’d go if I could.
    What’s frightening about people hugging each other?
    Perhaps you should form an anti-Hug coalition!
    Stop the hugging!

  • Sandra

    Yes. Steve is right. People hugging must be stopped at all costs.
    What a horrible thing. I’m going to go so I can make fun of all the idiot hugger people.

  • rek

    Terrible poster.

  • AgentSanchez

    Leg humps for everyone!
    Wait.. sorry…. wrong event.

  • David

    Do you sometimes feel you know more about the people in Hollywood then your your next door neighbors? Well, I don’t think you are alone.
    Are we so busy (doing what, I don’t know sometimes) not to come together in a collective embrace that will show us the kinder side of humanity.
    Attending an event that is sure to lift our spirits, give us hope, warm our hearts and bring us closer together as one.
    I believe hugging is a symbol of what the whole world needs, more love. Just maybe this movement along with the others will act as catalysts that will one-day lead to peace in the world.
    After all is that not what we all want?
    I hope to see you there!

  • lauralyn

    I’m not unfriendly. I have a sinus cold. The eye averting is a reaction to light and noise, the not hugging is my love for everyone else in not giving them the cold-du-jour. Anyone who lives with children in this climate is perma-ill in the winter…

  • Sharon Harris

    Kindness is a political act. We’re easier to control if we’re scared of one another. There is nothing fluffy or sentimental about it.
    Every one of our actions affects other people. When we act lovingly, we create peace. If we demean others, we act out of fear (and also broadcast our own insecurities to the world).

  • amyroger

    Wow! I love to see Torontoists celebrate each other instead of complain! I was on of the lucky artists that participated in Nuit Blanche ’06 – I felt like hugging everyone that night! What a great event in a great city! If you wanna see how I share my love for Toronto see!

  • Donna

    By the way. Hug Day was a blast!
    Everyone who was skating on the ice in Nathan Phillips stopped to hug. Nice moment.