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Lack Direction? Need a Compass?

Drivers planning a trip along the QEW or the 401 or any of a number of other highways in Southern Ontario should have a look at the Ministry of Transportation’s COMPASS traffic cameras. Updated every 5 to 8 minutes, the cameras can help commuters and casual car users choose alternative routes and ease congestion. Of course, people could always share cars, carpool or take a bus to ease congestion, but that would be a silly idea, wouldn’t it?
Photo by nice+smooth ultramedia in the Torontoist Flickr Pool.


  • Christopher Mudiappahpillai

    This is unrelated, but I think you might have forgotten to close the italics… So, or maybe ?

  • Christopher Mudiappahpillai

    Whoops, I guess I can’t add it either.

  • Vanessa

    Thanks, I’m fixing that right now.

  • Chris Dart

    As little as we enviromental types and transit enthusiasts like to admit it, a lot of people won’t stop driving until you make it hard for them to drive.
    I’m waiting for congestion tolls, it’s the only thing that’ll get people out of their cars.
    Unless they total their cars, like I did, but that wasn’t really a decision. Best accident I ever had, though.

  • John Duncan

    The COMPASS traffic maps are pretty depressing if you look at them at rush hour. A great swath of red cutting across the chest of the GTA.
    The cameras can be quite pretty though… on a rainy night, the streaky red of tail-lights reflected off the road is rather striking.
    The City has some similar cameras for the DVP, Gardiner and Lakeshore at
    On a transport mode note, none of the alternatives you mentioned works for my trip to work. My hours are too irregular for car shares or carpooling. And the TTC only runs the bus I need to take (unless I want to wait for three extra transfers) during rush hour, and even then they sometimes just don’t show up. Very unfortunately, the TTC is still failing Toronto outside the downtown core.

  • kevin bracken

    Isn’t COMPASS already the name of the web app you use to apply to an Ontario university?

  • james

    It’s also the name of that pointy thing you use to tell which way’s north, and the thing you use to draw circles. :p