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Ocean Life In Serious Danger, Toronto Bows Out of The Expo, and Martin Scorcese Thinks People Really Want To Know MORE About the Rolling Stones

Only fifty years left for sea fish. Unless, of course, we do something wacky and start serious conservation efforts immediately. For those interested in eating ecologically responsible seafood, here is help.
Former Pizza Pizza head arrested for income tax evasion. He apparently “forgot” to pay over $650,000 in income taxes.
A federal report says the Toronto Port Authority is just fine and recommends expansion of the island airport.
In case you missed it: Toronto is officially out of the running for the 2015 World Expo.
Finally, Martin Scorcese is making a documentary about the Rolling Stones, supposedly similar in tone to The Last Waltz. This bit of movie news officially mentioned just to give you a bit of respite from the endless wall of hype about Borat. Torontoist: we care.