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St. Clair Streetcar Affects Council Races, Tory Will Run In T.O., Ontario Loans GO Train to Quebec

2006_10_4stclair.jpgSave Our St. Clair, the group that fought against the St. Clair right of way has reared its head again. The group has backed four candidates whose wards run along the route of the right of way. Three of them are incumbents (Palacio, Nunziata and Michael Walker). John Sewell who’s running against the right of way’s strongest defender Joe Mihevc gets a strong thumbs up from SOS.
The three main mayoral candidates seem to still be in disarray. Instead of flitting from campaign event to campaign event, Pitfield, LeDrew and Miller seem to have very clear schedules.
John Tory wants to run in Don Valley West during the next provincial election. He’ll have to try to unseat new education minister Kathleen Wynne.
A smelly organics processing plant in Newmarket needs to shape up or it’ll be closed down. The plant currently processes about 10 tractor trailers worth of green bin waste from Toronto a week.
A secret tape has refugee board ajudicator and former city councillor Steve Ellis facing accusations of sexual misconduct.
Hungarian poet George Faludy gets a parkette named after him. Faludy spent two decades in Toronto but moved back to Hungary after the fall of communism.
Ontario has loaned Quebec a GO train to help ease traffic congestion after the collapse of that overpass in Montreal.
Finally, that Emily Haines CD we were talking about sold for $177.50 USD – not enough to buy a kidney, but not bad either.