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Below is a list of Torontoist supporters who help us continue reporting on issues in this city that really matter.
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Torontoist Supporters

Jonathan Robson & Jessica Hall-Cummings
Jeff Slater
Jason McKellar
Joe Drew
Brad Koegler
Ev Delen
Jon Buckley
Norm Wilner
Chris Dart
Steve Fisher
Andrew Bourgeois
Katharyn Rayner
Joanna Carlberg
Jake Garrett
Ken Hunt
Kevin Hegarty
Tamara Hains
Noreen Hains
Ben Hendry
Kelli Korducki
Kate Fane
Kaif Pardhan
Susan Munn
Liz Crawford
Catherine McIntyre
Jenn Klug
Andrew Jeanes
Terukazu Ikeda
Patrick Smith
Annemarie Hagan
Hot Mug Studios
David Ozaki
Jane Lytvynenko
Ryan Spraggett
Iain Campbell
Michael Booth
Charles Liddy
Justin Mohareb
Michael Fraiman
Nikki Byrd
Ilan Muskat
Diane Allen
Daniel Lamont
Scott Adams
Austin Ziegler
Emily Fudakowski
Luke Andrews
Mar Greig
Skinner Co.
Carol Witt
L Lark
Douglas Gregory
Jim Munroe
Lenny Da Mota
Emily Greenleaf
Nathan Whitworth
Chris Micacchi
Jennifer Hollett
Laura Godfrey
Maria Calandra
Rosalind Robertson
Stephanie Fysh
Nadia Stewart
Helen Battersby
Brendan Hennessy
John Ryerson
Rachel Lissner
Larissa Katherine
Saul Arias
Garrett Belk
Lucas Costello
Judith Luginbuhl
Angela Lee
Alexandra MacKenzie
Johnny Dib
Raphael Dumas
James Le
Michael Laccetti
Cecilia Farell
Ashley Quan

…and 70 others.