Corrections Policy

One of the most serious and most harmful blanket complaints levelled against online publications is that they are inaccurate—or, worse, that they are unconcerned with accuracy.

We harbour no illusions that we at Torontoist are now or can ever be flawless. Despite our modest size we take what we do seriously; as with all media outlets, our obligation is to always present correct information. Torontoist staff members make every effort possible to make sure that everything we write is accurate; all posts are vetted by both a copyeditor and a more senior editor before they are published. (However, as we have no full-time fact checkers, the responsibility for accuracy rests most with a post’s author.)

In May of 2008 we created and began consistently implementing a standard format for all corrections to posts. Any significant corrections or clarifications will be made as quickly as possible, and a note acknowledging them will be written by the editor-in-chief or deputy editor, or a copy editor under their direction, and will appear at the bottom of a post. The tag “corrections” will also be added to the post. If the error was pointed out or discussed in the comments, an editor will also post a comment as soon as possible so that the comment thread stays up to date and in context.

The help of our readers is invaluable in spotting mistakes and fixing them, and we’d be grateful if you could call our attention to any errors that you find on the site. You’ll find a “Report an Error” link at the foot of every article on Torontoist. Please use it to email us and advise of any mistakes you discover.

We aim most of all to be transparent; to highlight, explain, and own up to our mistakes when we make them; and take steps to prevent them from happening again.

Comment Moderation Policy

Staff and readers are all welcome to agree or disagree with, to question or to praise what is published on Torontoist, and the comments on posts are where everyone gets to slug it out. We encourage feedback on all of our entries either in the comments (or if you wish to state your opinion privately, via e-mails to individual writers or editors).

Commenters on Torontoist must be registered in some way (via Disqus, Facebook, or Twitter); this precaution tends to limit the amount of spam in the comments section. We reserve the right to remove any and all comments which are off-topic, threatening, libelous, prejudiced, or attack individuals rather than challenge points of view; we similarly reserve the right to ban any commenter if they create a hostile environment or drown out other commenters on the site. Comments are always published exactly as submitted by the commenter, or not at all—we never edit comments submitted by visitors to Torontoist in any way.

Copyright of all comments left on Torontoist remains with the individual commenters and the views expressed in the comments belong only to those individual commenters. Torontoist will not accept any responsibility for information posted in the comments, and will not accept responsibility for the opinions expressed therein.

Privacy Policy

We will not sell, distribute, barter, or transfer any of your personally identifiable information to companies, organizations or other parties outside of St. Joseph Media and its subsidiaries (the St. Joseph Media Companies) without your permission. Period.

Contest Rules and Regulations
All questions regarding contest rules should be directed to Torontoist by email.

  • Only one entry per person. No purchase necessary. Eligible persons may enter by completing a skills-testing question set by Torontoist and following other instructions as provided.
  • All entries become the property of Torontoist and none shall be returned.
  • Contest sponsors represent and warrant to St. Joseph Media that the prize value stated is the fair market value of the Prize.
  • Torontoist is not responsible for any entries which are incomplete, lost, destroyed, delayed, or not transmitted due to technical failure, however caused.
  • The selected entrants will be notified by phone, e-mail, or the social media platform over which a contest was conducted within 72 hours of their selection. In the event that a selected entrant does not comply with these Contest Rules and Regulations, cannot be contacted within 72 hours of being selected, or does not reply to communication from Torontoist within 24 hours, an alternate entrant will be selected from the remaining entries. The chances of winning are dependent upon the total number of eligible entries received. The prize must be accepted as awarded, is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Torontoist reserves the right to substitute any portion of the prize with a prize of equal value whatsoever. All federal, provincial and municipal taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner.
  • Contests are open to all residents of Canada, excluding residents of Quebec, and excluding employees of St. Joseph Media and their respective interactive, advertising and promotional agencies, persons with whom any of the above are domiciled and/or members of their respective immediate families.
  • The entrants selected for a prize will be required to correctly answer a time limited skill testing question before being declared a prize winner. The prize winner must sign a Waiver/Release of Liability provided by Torontoist as a condition to and in advance of receiving the prize in favour of Torontoist and the other sponsors such that none of them shall be liable for the use or misuse of the Prize. (A parent or legal guardian will be asked to sign this form on behalf of the winner if the selected winner is under the age of 18). Torontoist and the other sponsors assume no responsibility for the participation in any contest, or any liability, claims, demands, actions, loss, damage or personal injury that may be sustained by either the winner of any Prize or his/her guest.
  • Participation in a contest constitutes permission to Torontoist and the sponsors and their agencies to use the name, photograph and/or likeness of the winner (and his/her guest) for the purposes of promotion, advertising, and trade without further compensation.
  • By participating in a contest conducted by Torontoist, all entrants agree to be bound by these Rules and Regulations. The decisions of the contest judges are final. Torontoist and the sponsors are not responsible for any typographical error in the printing, the offering, or the administration of the contest. Torontoist reserves the right to withdraw or terminate any contest at any time without prior notice or to change the Rules and Regulations. Contact or correspondence will occur only with selected entrants. This contest is subject to all Federal, Provincial and Municipal Laws and regulations.

(Last Updated: September 25, 2012.)