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How Toronto’s Papers Covered The Blue Jays On The Brink

In Front Page Challenge, Torontoist analyzes the best and worst of Toronto’s major dailies. It’s do-or-die this afternoon for the Toronto Blue Jays, as last night’s loss to the Cleveland baseball team has pushed them to the brink of elimination in the American League Championship Series. Toronto’s newspapers are aghast that this may be the […]

This Woman Has Been a Leader in Toronto Food Security

Debbie Field, who turned FoodShare into the largest food security charity in North America, has announced her decision to step down as its executive director. She will stay with the organization until June, when it completes the move from its headquarters and warehouse in the Bloor-Dufferin area to the Mount Dennis neighbourhood in northwest Toronto. […]

Six Hundred People Got Stuck in GO Train Purgatory for Three Hours

There’s a scene from Seinfeld in which Elaine gets stuck on the crowded subway. Her inner monologue starts with mere annoyance—“Oh, this is great”—then quickly escalates to full-on shrieking: “It’s a nightmare! Help me! Move it!” She’s on her way to a wedding, bringing the ring, and the transit delay makes her miss the ceremony […]

Where the Cult Classic Strange Brew Was Filmed in Toronto

As we did with the Police Academy films, we decided it was high time to revisit one of the earliest Reel Toronto columns, taking advantage of all the wonders of technology and information now available to us. It’s probably the only major motion picture to have its climax in Kitchener, Ontario, and with Oktoberfest just […]

There’s Way Too Much Garbage Along the Lakeshore

Last Sunday, about 30 volunteers spent the day picking up garbage along the lakeshore, from Budapest Park to Humber Bridge. They cleaned up: 3,490 cigarette butts 413 bottle caps 70 empty packs of cigarette packs 65 metal cans 15 syringes 200 plastic bottles Ew.

How Toronto’s Papers Covered A Terror Suspect’s Arrest

In Front Page Challenge, Torontoist analyzes the best and worst of Toronto’s major dailies. Ahmad Khan Rahami, an American citizen born in Afghanistan, was arrested Monday in connection with a pair of bombings in New York City and Linden, New Jersey, over the weekend. And with the looming presidential election seemingly predicated on the War […]

Where the Not-So-Classic Class of 1984 Was Filmed in Toronto

Class of 1984 is some kinda movie. Particularly after watching it in 2016, it’s hard to tell if it’s actually trying to be a serious issue movie, in a misguided Reefer Madness kind of way, or a full on exploitation-style B-movie. Its portrayal of crumbling inner city schools is so over the top and full […]

Historicist: ‘A Carnival of Vice’

This post originally appeared on September 15, 2012. In 1878, the federal government passed the Canada Temperance Act, drafted by Liberal Senator Richard William Scott. Sometimes known as the Scott Act, this legislation granted individual municipalities the right to put alcohol sale to a plebiscite, and to enforce a ban on its sale should the […]

TIFF’s Infinite Views of Toronto Take us to The Stairs

There were a lot of views of Toronto on display at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. For the casual festival-goer, for starters, there was the modernist cityscape of the fest’s inspired Infinite Views ad campaign. The kaleidoscopic posters dotting King Street and much of the downtown core depicted the city as a tangled mess […]

TIFF Day 9: That’s (Almost) A Wrap!

Three more days to go until TIFF 2016 concludes. There are two more days of premieres and a Sunday full of repeat screenings to go, with attendees frantically trying to turn their remaining vouchers into movie tickets and putting together their lists of the best and worst films they saw at the festival. And then […]

Breaking in TIFF’s Platform Shoes

A couple of hours before a dozen Oscar bloggers typed “Natalie Portman is an Oscar lock for Jackie” into a dozen laptops at the dozen or so Starbucks outlets surrounding the Winter Garden Theatre, a very different scene was unraveling in the same space. It was the world premiere of Japanese supernatural horror filmmaker Kiyoshi […]

TIFF Day 4: The Escalator is Working Again!

It’s Sunday! TIFF’s first weekend wraps up with more high-powered premieres, the final day of activities on Festival Street, and the point where you can start to see which films are going to leave Toronto possessing that coveted #OscarBuzz.

The GTA’s Food Processing Industry Gets Left Out by Existing Grants

Not that anyone would guess from Growing Forward 2 pony shows put on jointly by federal and provincial departments and ministries of agriculture and food, but food processing and manufacturing is already big business. It’s the second-biggest industrial earner in the country with revenue of $88 billion a year, and, despite the boom and bust […]