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Shows That Make You Ask: What If and WTF?

If/Then Princess of Wales Theatre (300 King Street West) Runs to May 8 Tickets: $35 – $130 Das Ding (The Thing) Berkeley Street Theatre (26 Berkeley Street) Runs to May 1 Tickets: $24 – $53 What if? What if Rent author Jonathan Larson hadn’t died prematurely in 1996 and had gone on to write a […]

Type Books Celebrates 10 Years in Business

A photo posted by Kalpna Patel (@ghostfaceknitta) on Apr 16, 2016 at 6:03am PDT Kalpna Patel hangs gold tinsel in the window of Type Books. This is just the start: when she is finished, the storefront of the Queen West shop will transform into a birthday party extravaganza. A birthday cake will sit atop stacks […]

How the Gardiner Expressway Became the 156th Wonder of the World

Legend has it that the shape of the Gardiner Expressway precisely mirrors a varicose vein on the leg of Fred Gardiner, its builder. I was around City Hall at the time, in the mid-50s, though I never glimpsed Fred’s naked flesh below the waist. But I can only thank heaven that the expressway wasn’t inspired […]

How Parkdale Has Become an Independent Coffee Mecca

On a sunny Saturday morning, customers walk into a bright loft space, where rows of jars with tea leaves, herbs, and dried fruits decorate the wall. The tea shop is lit up by morning sun and smells of various spices as the owners, Tariq Al Barwani and Mohammed Binyahya, carefully prepare hot drinks with each […]

How Each Toronto Paper Covered the Raptors Playoff Win

In Front Page Challenge, Torontoist analyzes the best and worst of Toronto’s major dailies. This week’s Front Page Challenge finds the Toronto Raptors on the cover of four out of Toronto’s five daily papers, proof that playoff fever is sweeping the city. But which paper captures the magic best? And which paper shamefully ignores our […]

Scaffold Collapse Sends Three People to Hospital

Scene of collapse pic.twitter.com/OU6CUy1d4W — Louis (@4one6ix) April 18, 2016 Four people have been rescued and at least three people reportedly sustained serious injuries after scaffolding crashed to the ground at a construction site near Bathurst and Eglinton.

Rep Cinema This Week: Scanners, Poor Boy’s Game, 88:88 and Hit 2 Pass

The best repertory and art-house screenings, special presentations, lectures, and limited engagements in Toronto. At rep cinemas this week: highlights from National Canadian Film Day, including a Cronenberg near-classic, a boxing drama about race and class in Halifax, and an experimental debut from Winnipeg.

Famous Quotes Reimagined in the Voice of John Tory

As usual, blame Jonathan Goldsbie: @jpags pic.twitter.com/14mHL3pYic — Jonathan Goldsbie (@goldsbie) April 13, 2016 John Tory may not be a born poet, but his dry and circumlocutionary speaking style is distinctive and significant. His verbose speech and syntax gives clues to the manner in which he thinks and how he approaches issues from carding to […]

Televisualist: We The North Remembers

Each week, Torontoist examines the upcoming TV listings and makes note of programs that are entertaining, informative, and of quality. Or, alternately, none of those. The result: Televisualist.

Field Notes: Reviving the Lost Art of Viking Warfare, in Eglinton Park

Armed with swords, axes, spears, and homemade shields, a ragtag group of Viking warriors overtook midtown Toronto’s Eglinton Park on Sunday afternoon. Several combatants stand in a row, knees bent and spears held high, ready for action. Helmets gleam in the sun, and the clanging of swords mixes with the cries of children playing nearby. […]

The Hidden Costs of Paid Duty Policing

Toronto’s Police Service managers are skilled at hiding potential budget savings behind a wall of paperwork, process and professional jargon. A new City staff report plays into that habit by downplaying just how much one wasteful practice—paid duty—costs the City of Toronto.

Historicist: Frederick Knapp’s Roller Boat

The atmosphere on the Toronto waterfront was electric on September 8, 1897. A large crowd had gathered on the industrial wharves and docks near the bottom of Sherbourne Street to witness the hotly anticipated launch of an extremely unusual vessel. As the restless group waited, the conversation among them focused on whether or not the […]

Do the Raptors Win More When Drake Sits Courtside?

Drake Week celebrates all things Toronto and Drake in anticipation of the city hype man’s latest album, Views from the 6. Since 2013, Drake has been the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, a title as ambiguous as it is grandiose. What does it actually entail? Does he report to The Raptor? What synergies does […]