Joining Torontoist's Masthead


Joining Torontoist‘s Masthead

Torontoist has a staff filled to the brim with talented writers and photographers and artists and illustrators, and we’re always looking to add more great people to it—like you.

What We Can Offer You

Freedom. Cover the stories other publications overlook, but are important to your community. Make your informed opinion and analysis heard, and elevate the voices of Torontonians that might be marginalized. Hold local institutions accountable, and always prioritize the public interest. If you get excited by these principles and believe Toronto needs more journalism like it, then we’re the home for you. We don’t have a house attitude or house opinion that we’ll impose on you. And even with all that independence, you’re not in it alone: editors and the rest of the staff are always there to collaborate, share ideas, and help.

Exposure. Torontoist is an alternative media force to be reckoned with. We think we’re the best website of its kind in the country, and all sorts of cool people—local celebrities, newspaper and magazine writers and editors, politicians, musicians, bloggers, photographers, designers, whoevers—read us every day. Better still, we’re respected and trusted. We win awards, which is nice, and Torontoist contributors have gone on to work for every major Toronto-based outlet (except the Sun).

Excitement. Torontoist, like Toronto, is busy. It’s always progressing, it’s always growing, and it’s always turning its eyes to something new. We’re often the first to know when something is about to happen in the city, and we’re often the first to cover it. And we’ve got a reputation—for being smart, for being funny, and for being good. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Community. One of the greatest benefits of becoming a Torontoist staff member is…other Torontoist staff members. We’re warm, we’re witty, and we’re all trying to do the same thing: tell compelling stories about the city. Banding together makes it that much more fun. We also have monthly pub nights where you bring pitches, and we provide pitchers of beer.

Money. We can’t pay very much, but we do pay a bit—enough to keep you well-caffeinated while you work, at least. Every cent Torontoist makes goes right back into the site itself.

What We’re Looking For In A Contributor

Talent. You’re really good at what you do, and you understand that quality always trumps quantity. You have your ear to the ground and know when interesting stuff is happening (or has happened) in Toronto. You make mistakes rarely, and learn from them if and when you do. You learn quickly, and you can write or photograph or illustrate (or whatever it is you do) under a deadline without being sloppy.

Commitment. You’ll contribute at the very least once every month, and when you say you’ll do something, you’ll do it. (And you’ll do a wicked job at it.)

Enthusiasm. You really, really, really, really care about Toronto, and you really, really, really, really want to work for us. You follow Torontoist regularly and know how we do things, but you’re also eager to add your voice to the site and make us even better.

Something Special. We can always use people who offer fresh and new perspectives to help make our content more diverse and see the city in different ways. Maybe you’re an unwed elderly rich non-white mother who listens to classical music, lives on the Islands, and detests v-necks—that’s cool. Or maybe you’re a twenty-something west-ender. No matter who you are, you should be able to bring something to Torontoist that’s uniquely yours and that we can’t get from anybody else.

Journalism Skills. We’re always looking to add new skills to Torontoist to cover stories in new and interesting ways. Maybe you have subject matter expertise in transit, housing, city hall, cycling, or LGBTQ issues? Maybe data journalism or coding is your jam, and have great ideas for civic-oriented projects? Or maybe you want to do video, or graphics for the site? Let us know!

What We Want When You Apply

A bit about yourself. We want to know about you, so tell us—who you are, what you do, what you’ve done, and what you’re interested in. (No résumés, please.)

A few story ideas for us. If you were on Torontoist‘s staff right now, what, specifically, would you contribute? Focus on opinion and analysis about the issues that matter to Torontonians. Ask yourself: What kind of journalism would I like to see more of in the city, and how can I do that?

Some samples of what you do. We need something to get a sense of how you create: your blog, or online writing/drawing/photo portfolio, or Flickr account, or clippings, or anything else that’d demonstrate your awesome skills. If you’re applying to be a writer and you’ve never written something that you think would fit on Torontoist, that’s fine—just make your e-mail message to us really, really, really spectacular, and be prepared to be asked to come up with a sample. Additionally, if you have any skills to offer beyond writing, we want to hear about them! Do you live for data journalism, or data visualization? Do you speak languages other than English, or do you code or shoot video? All of these things are good to know!

Some constructive criticism. What could use improving on Torontoist? Tell us, concisely, what you think we could do better (surely you can think of something)—and how you’d play a role in helping to improve that. (For this, we want to hear about our editorial content specifically, not something like our layout or design.)

How To Apply

Send an e-mail to Torontoist editors David Hains and Erica Lenti at There is no closing date for applications, though you should apply as soon as you’re interested and able rather than putting it off. We review all applications, but do give us some time to take a look—we’re pretty busy. Know that we still like you even if we don’t select you.

Last Updated: August 2, 2016.