The Speedy

See history reenacted on the very spot that it occurred with The Speedy. Image courtesy of Chris Hanratty and Shira Leuchter.

  • Harbourfront Centre, Enwave Theatre (231 Queens Quay West)
    • May 15–18
  • $29, $15 for those 25 and under

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Learn about a little-known bit of Toronto’s history with a theatre installation on the very spot where it all began in 1804. The Speedy tells the story of HMS Speedy, its passengers, and its doomed trip across Lake Ontario. When a Chippewa man is murdered by a white fur trader, the justice system is slow to react. The victim’s impatient brother Ogetonicut exacts revenge, killing the fur trader. Justice moves more quickly this time, and 20 members of the court system board a ship that will take them to the trial in Newcastle—but it sinks en route, leaving the case forever unsettled.

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