Drunk Macbeth

  • The Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick Avenue)
  • Daily, 7 p.m.–11 p.m.
  • January 17–18
  • $18-$30

Nine actors will play roles in Shakespeare’s classic tragedy completely faithfully and professionally. And the lead character, this show’s titular Drunk Macbeth, will take a wee dram before every one of his entrances. All 15 of them. Given the demands on the Scotsman (and his liver), there’s a fresh one on the second night: Geoffrey Armour plays the role (and takes the drinks) on January 17, and Peter Nicol on January 18. The audience will get to see whether the show goes off the rails or the cast is able to shepherd the increasingly intoxicated Macbeth to the play’s bloody denouement. (For a great example of a cast helping an erratic Macbeth to a triumphant finish, prep yourself with this Slings & Arrows scene.)

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